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    Empire Friendly 2500

    Some of you may recognize some of the names. The character's gears are mainly based off some badass models I want to use.

    General Deschain
    Folding Fortress, Full plate, pistol, handgun

    Alain (Wizard Lord)
    Lore of Shadows, lvl 4

    Arturo of Eld (Warrior Priest) with Swordsmen
    Crimson Amulet, VHS
    Heavy Armor, Great Weapon

    Captain with swordsmen
    Full Plate, Battle Standard Bearer: Griffon Standard

    Aileen of Eld (Captain) with handgunners
    Dragon Bow, Full Plate, Pistol

    Cuthbert of Eld (Captain) with swordsmen or in tower
    Pistol, Biting Blade, Heavy Armor, Silver Horn

    Captain Roth in the Tower
    Pistol, Full plate

    Swordsmen x50
    Full Command Razor Standard
    Detachment: Archers x20
    -160 pts-
    Detachment: Halberdiers x25
    -125 pts-
    Total: 655

    Handgunners x20
    Full Command, Marksman w/Hochland Long Rifle
    Detachment: Free Company x10
    Total: 250

    Handgunners x15 in the Tower
    Marksman w/Hochland Long Rifle

    Pistoliers x5
    Outrider w/repeater pistols, Musician

    Outriders x5
    Champion w/Hochland Long Rifle

    Great Cannon

    2x Mortars

    Total: 2497

    Battle Plan: Swordsmen form the center, Tower anchors a flank, large handgunners unit anchors the other one. The rest deploys as needed. The general idea fill the flanks with lead and force the enemy down the middle into my large steadfast swordsmen unit.

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