I give to you my 3k list for you enjoyment, it has got a lot of lords and heroes but i dont really care about competitiveness i usually run ogres!


General of the Empire- hammer of judgement, armour of destiny and dawnstone. 192 points

Wizard Lord- gambler armour, book of ashur and seed of rebirth, level 4 upgrade. 310 points

Arch Lector of Sigmar- armour of silvered steel, shield and holy relic. 221 points


Ludwig Scwarzhelm BSB

Warrior Priest of Sigmar- xtra hand weapon, armour of meteroric iron and icon of magnus. 144 points

Battle wizard- level 2, staff of sorcery and opal amulet. 150

Battle wizard- level 2, channeling staff and aldred casket of sorcery, 150 points


16 Knights- full command and war banner. 433 points. ludwig is going here

24 halberdiers with full command. 140 points. warrior priest and may wizard lord go here

39 swordsmen with full command. 259 points general, battle wizard and arch lector go here

20 handgunners with marksmen with hochland long gun. 185 points.

10 crosbow men. 80 points

10 archers. 80 points


5 Out riders with outrider champion with grenade launching bluderbuss. 121 points

1 Mortar

10 greatswords with full command. 130 points


1 hellblaster.

There you all go, all comments welcome, even if it is to tell me what an idot i am being with some choices here !