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    New Empire - 2500

    Hey Empire folk, this is a list that my little bro came up with for his new Empire army, what do you think?

    Wizard Lord - 220
    lvl 4, Wizard's Staff, Lore of Life

    Luthor Huss - xxx
    Captain of the Empire - 134
    full plate armour, shield, BSB, Razor Standard, great weapon

    Spearmen - 200
    30 men, full command
    Handgunners - 140
    15 men, full command
    Spearmen - 200
    30 men, full command
    Handgunners - 140
    15 men, full command
    Knightly Orders - 369
    15 Knights, musician, SB

    Pistoliers - 277
    15 men, musician
    Greatswords - 248
    22 men, musician, champion
    Handgunners - 100
    10 men, full command

    Mortar - xx
    Mortar - xx
    Cannon - xxx

    Total - 2458

    So, what do you think? He has 42 points left over, so plenty of room for error. Also, my brother doesn't like the way the Steam Tank plays, so no steam tanks please. All comments are welcome.

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    I'd like to see a General sneak into the Lord choices, Empire aren't brave. Wizard is good, you can afford both. Just put some nice survival items on him, maybe a weapon but certainly a Ward Save. Wizards Staff is a crappy item, get a Scroll or Rod of Power.

    Captain can't have a Shield or GW if he is the BSB, try to keep him away from fights. Where does he go? I prefer a non-magical BSB in Empire so he can have better armor, very important model to the army.

    Detachments are awful. They bring so many weaknesses to an army, especially if they get charged. Your opponent runs right through and the parent unit is now in a horrible position or you have a unit in your backfield. Never run Detachments, just take straight up units of what you want. Swordsmen outperform Spearmen generally, staying power and stats over attacks. Hand Gunners are good in a 10 man block, gives a nice hideout for your characters. Knights are better in 10 as well, don't waste attacks.

    I'd buff up the Greatswords a bit, they usually get a lot of attention and are your primary counter attack unit. The MR2 and Flaming Attack Banners are great on them as well.

    Try to get at least one more Cannon, Monsters wreck Empire if they get stuck in. Should have a ton of points if you drop those Detachments, even if you get a few more blocks (and you probably should.)

    Steam Tanks are horrible, your brothers judgement is sound.
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