Bout to have my first game here in a couple days returning from when i played 7ed.

Here's my list:

Templar Grand Master, Iron Curse, Sword of Strife, Luarels of Victory
Priest, Barded Steed, Heavy Armour, Shield, Potion of Speed, Sword of Might
16 Knights, Inner Circle, White Wolves, S, M

BsB, Barded Steed, Dawn Armour, Dragon Helm
Arch Lector, Meteoric Iron Armour, Great Weapon
47 Spearmen, Shields, FC, Razor Standard

General, Full Plate, Great Weapon
Priest, Heavy Armour, 2 Weapons, Speculum
28 Greatswords, FC

17 Flagellants

6 Pistoliers

12 Handgunners

1 Cannon
1 Helblaster
1 Mortar

This list is about 2470.

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Thank you!