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Thread: 2k Empire list

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    2k Empire list

    Well, I've been gone from LO, and warhammer in general for a long time (Since just before 8th edition came out, although after a cursory glance I don't see anything in it that would change my style of play), and have been reminded of it at a recent LAN party. My true loves (Dogs of war and Wood elves) are just as defunct as ever, so I decided to make an empire list instead.

    Archmage: Speculum
    Preist: Great Weapon, Barded Pony, Heavy Armor, Obsidian Trinket/Sigil of Sigmar.
    Battle Standard Bearer: Heavy Armor, Shield.
    Pegi Captain: Doomfire Ring, Full Plate, Shield, Lance.
    25 Spears w. Shields or Swordsman Block
    12 Handgunners Detachment
    12 Xbows Detachment

    25 Spears w. Shields or Swordsman Block
    12 Handgunners Detachment
    12 Xbows Detachment

    12 Knights: Champion, Standard Bearer, War Banner
    2 Great Cannons
    5 Pistoliers: Musiscian
    Hellstorm Rocket battery (God I love this thing)

    Total: 1998

    The basic idea is that it's a combined arms force. The Pistoleers and Pegi Captian zip ahead and distract the enemy, perhaps take out their artillery park, if they have one. The Artillery carpet bombs the enemy force or snipes monsters/champions. Two ranged detachments act as either a screen or a missile battery, depending on whether the opponent is more likely to shoot or engage, while the other two shoot from the flanks of the main infantry blocks in preparation to Counter-charge or Stand-'n-shoot for the parent unit ass necessary. The Can-openers (Knights) stay around the flanks looking for where they can get stuck in to deal the largest amount of damage.
    As far as Champions go, the BSB is there because Empire troops really need one, the Preist is there to make the knights actually capable of doing their job, the Pegi Capt. is there because I love him so much, and the same holds for the Archmage and his mirror. I know that the mirror is a trick that only works once, but it's sooooo satisfying when it does.

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