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    2500 Competitive

    2x Master Engineers - 130pts
    3x Mortars - 225pts
    2x Cannons - 200pts
    1x Helblaster - 110pts

    34x Halbadiers, Sheilds, FC - 224
    33x Halbadiers, Sheilds, FC - 218
    20 Flagellants - 200
    20x Handgunners - 160pts
    5x Pistoliers - 90pts

    General, Griffon, Runefang, Full Plate, Shield, 395
    General, Pegasus, Bronze Shield, Full Plate, Lance, 162
    Warrior Priest, Two Hammers, Potion of Strength, Heavy Armour, 123
    Warrior Priest, Great Weapon, Speculum, Heavy Armour, 133
    B.S.B. - Meteoric Iron, Dawn Stone, 125


    Total: 2495pts.

    The plan is two split the artillery in 2 teams. 3 Mortars and an engineer and the rest in another group, and place each one on the flank of my foot troops. The two generals give me great comfort in knowing they can handle their own against my oppt sacrifice units, their artillery, march blocking etc. Even the runefang can pick off characters on their own. I maintain my ground and bombard till they reach the halberdiers. It will be vulnerable to magic heavy lists, but I think the shooting makes up for it. Even then I can charge the general with the runefang and direct attacks towards their wizards and try to take out their high level casters early. What do you think?

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