got a 1k tournament comming up shortly, and decided to take my empire out for a spin, and came up with the list below.

here are the general restrictions of the tournament:
Max 1000 Pts.
Max 2 characters - no doublets allowed, No Lords.
Max 2 rare OR special choice. Max 150 pts on rare and 200 on special choice. again, no doublets allowed.
Min 1 Core unit, Max 2 identical Troop choices. Max 250 point per Core unit.
Max 4 units (not including Characters)
Max 1 Warmachine/Chariot (Tomb Kings excepted)
The Following are Banned:
Power Scroll, Folding Fortress, Book of Hoeth, Becalming Cogitation, Cupped Hands, Infernal Puppet, Wand of Wych Elm, Standard of Chaos Glory, Skaven Doom Rocket, Siren Song, Crown of Command, og Pendant of Khaleth
Max +2/+2 dispel/ power dices in each phase + channel.
Max 12 power/ dispel dices pr turn.
Max 1 dispel scroll, or items with the same effect (fx seal of destruction)

Most of the scenarios will have 3-5 objectives which can only be claimed by units with either a standard or a unit champion/hero present

battle wizard (shadow or fire?)
lvl 2
(arcane item)
seal of destruction
Captain of the empire
(magic armour)
Armour of meteoric Iron
unit 1
38 Swordsmen
Unit 2
20 archers
10 pistoliers
unit 4
Hellblaster volley gun

heroes: 249
core: 446
special: 194
rare: 110
total: 999pt