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    2k Empire Gun Line

    Hey I'm thinking of Starting an Empire aryu here it is for 2k. plz tell me what you think. Also it's a gun line army so yes if i get hit in combat i'm gonna get my butt kicked.

    Lv 4. Fire Lord

    Arch Lector
    Aldred's Casket of Sorcery


    Lv 2 Metal Wizard

    Full Plate


    20 Handguns
    Full Command with Hochland Longrifle
    10 Handguns
    10 Handguns

    20 Handguns
    Full Command with Hochland Longrifle
    10 Handguns
    10 Handguns


    2 Great Cannon


    2 Hellstorm Rocket Batteries

    2 Hellblaster Volley Guns

    Rare= 450


    What should i do with the other 65 points?
    Thanks for the help!

    Last edited by CaptainSarathai; June 19th, 2011 at 19:46. Reason: individual points costs

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    I'd add an Engineer to baby-sit those Cannons. Otherwise, that could be a lot of investment going up in smoke.

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    Welcome to LO icicle!

    Just some clerical stuff to get through first- please don't post individual points costs for "naked" units or upgrades, it's against forum rules. For example:
    "10 handgunners w/ marksman @ 88pts" is ok because we can't figure out the values with simple math.
    "10 handgunners @ 90 + marksman @9 = 99pts" is illegal.
    It's a stupid rule, but GW doesn't want people to know how many points things cost.

    But now on to your list:

    65pts is definitely for the Engineer, especially in a list like this. And now, not that you need help winning when you're pumping foward 80 handgun shots a turn, but I'll help you make this list even less fun to play against.

    Drop the L2 upgrade on your Sorcerer and give him the dispel scroll. Give your L4 the Staff of Sorcery for a total of +5 to his dispel attempts. Give him Lore of Life instead of Fire- you have enough ranged damage, you may as well regen your wounds.
    Swap your Metal over to Shadows. Being able to drop enemy WS will help if you get into a fight, but more importantly, the Lore Attribute means that you can swap places with your L4 if someone gets him into combat.

    Ditch the banner on your Handgunners- you won't need it. If you flee, you're going off the table (admit it, you're not planning on moving) and even if you don't, you lose the banner. You're going to lose any combat that you get in (if anyone even gets into range of combat) regardless of whether or not you have a flag. If you need a banner, get a BSB for the LD rerolls.
    Ditch the Hochland Long on your champions. They don't have the BS to hit often enough to score kills. Most enemy characters have an awesome save, and you're usually at a -2 to hit. Outrider Champs are the only guys you should even thing about giving this weapon to. If you need a special weapon on your Marksman, give him a Repeater Handgun for the multiple shots.

    Get some Move-and-Fire weapons in your list somewhere. There are armies with ways to get behind you (Warriors with Wulfrik) and you want to be able to turn around and fire at those threats. Also, you may want to swap your Detachments out for Crossbowmen- Longbows will just sit outside of your range and shoot you, free from retribution.

    Finally- way to skim points on anything even remotely related to survivability. You think I don't have ways of targeting your Wizards or Archlectors myself? I'll tear apart your characters and then sit back out of range. Your cannon won't be enough to earn you back your VPs, and you can't move in and fire with Handguns.
    You have plenty of access to 4+ wards, you should get them onto your characters. At worst, you lose a few guns. Big deal, you have more than enough already.


    Sorry to seem so bitter in your very first thread, but gunlines are tournament armies, and tournament armies only, because they are no fun for anyone to play. We have one at my local, horrible player who just likes to roll handfuls of dice and say that he won the game.
    Your turn- cast magic, shoot me.
    My turn- move closer, cast magic, shoot if I'm in range.
    Your turn- cast magic, shoot me.
    Lather rinse repeat until you've killed all of my army or I get into combat and wipe you off the board.
    Wow, that was fun, it was almost worth all the hours spent agonizing over what list to take, driving to the store, setting up the armies, and putting everything back in the cases to drive home. And what did we learn to make us better players? Guns kill people, and maybe some humility. Great lesson.

    Do yourself and your opponent a favor and mix it up a little. Field something other than a static gunline, be prepared to get into close combat, and maneuver. It will make a better general, and a hardfought win tastes so much sweeter.
    Last edited by CaptainSarathai; June 19th, 2011 at 20:11.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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