Making this list off of memory, so my points may be off a bit. But I had an idea of having an anvil unit that the front rank will be entirely composed of characters once in combat. I plan on including at least 5 characters in the spearmen unit, while the banner must be in the front normally, once combat hits the characters can make way to the front of the unit, displacing the command models. My question is do I still get the benefits of having the banners even though its in the 2nd rank?

Ideally what would happen is the wizards will cast some AoE buffs (particularly Speed of Light, and the beast one which gives all characters +3 S and +3 A) to make for some interesting things

Full Plate, Pistol, Great Weapon
Crown of Command, Talisman of Preservation

Wizard Lord (Light)
Extra magic level
Forbidden Rod

Wizard Lord (Beasts)
Extra magic level
Power Stone, Obsidian Lodestone
BSB, Armor of Meteroic Iron, Dawn stone

Full Plate, Pistol, hand weapon
Terrifying mask of Eee, Charmed Shield

Full plate, Great Weapon
Dragonhelm, Iron Curse Pendant

(Warrior Priest)
Crimson Amulet, VHS
Heavy Armor, Great Weapon

Battle Wizard (Light)
Level 2, dispel scroll
Spearmen x30
Standard, Musician, Light Armor, Razor Standard
Detachment: 15 handgunners
Detachment: 15 Swordsmen

Handgunners x20
Full Command, Marksman w/Hochland Long Rifle
Detachment: Free Company x10

25 Swordsmen
Full command

25 Swordsmen
Full command
Greatswords x30
Full Command

5 Pistoliers
Musician, Outrider w/repeater pistol

Great Cannon x2

If my math is correct than it should come out to 2981 points, still got some room just in case I screwed up somewhere or if I need to add something.