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    1000pt Stirland Army (Friendly-ish)

    I haven't played any Warhammer at all since some dabblings with 5th edition, and looking to get into it properly with 8th. I'm just starting with a 1000pt force, it's supposed to be a fluffy force but at least half-decent competitively. I'm mostly going to be playing against zombie-heavy VC and Bretonnians, but wanted to keep the list largely generic. Any feedback at all is very very welcome.


    Captain; Great Weapon, Pistol, Warhorse w/ Barding, Van Horstmann's Speculum: 109pts

    Battle Wizard; Level 2, Lore of Light, Dispel Scroll: 125pts


    20 Spearmen; Full Command, Shields: 140pts
    Detachment: 10 Free Company: 50pts

    20 Spearmen; Full Command, Shields: 140pts
    Detachment: 10 Crossbows: 80pts

    18 Huntsmen: 180pts
    Alternative to 18 Huntsmen:
    -10 Huntsmen: 100pts
    -10 Archers: 80pts


    Cannon: 100pts

    Mortar: 75pts

    Total: 999pts

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    Against brets those archers in whatever form are going to be next to useless. I'd suggest either hangunners or pistoliers. Pistoliers will be able to get round the flank of knights and give them a good hiding with all of those pistol shots. Spearmen aren't seen as the best and again without some magical buff won't hold up knights at all. Personally I love spearmen but for effectiveness you are better of with swordsmen who will be hitting at the same time at least.
    If I was to change your list for anti bret activity I'd swap all of the archers for crossbows and then change the crossbowmen to handgunners.

    As for vampire counts the list looks good but again archers are unfortunatly a very poor choice at the moment so crossbows or handguns would again be better.

    Against both armies the captain on a horse is not a good idea at all he will get picked off very quickly. IMO change him to a warrior priest same setup minus pistol and plus armour.

    If you have an idea of what they will be taking then it might influence peoples opinions on your list.

    Personally I love the list and think it would look fantastic on the table unfortunately if you want to win games a few changes might be needed!

    Hope that helps


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    Hey dude, I know this list a little old but hey, nice to see someone else doing a Stirland army!


    Captain: considering you have no other Cavalry in your list this guy can be picked out by shooting and he wont get a Look out sir from the surrounding Infantry. So he'll die as soon as you can say 'incoming!' If you want to keep him mounted then give him some decent armour to protect from missile weapons, as it stands, a 5+ save won't keep him alive at all.


    Spearmen: These guys are pretty pants. Swordsmen are probably the best of the bunch as they are the most durable and will be steadfast for longer. If you will be steadfast that is, 20 men isn't a lot. Units of 25 or 30 would be better and I'd even consider dropping the Militia detachments to find the points to do so.

    Huntsmen: I'd ditch these guys ad go fr two units of Hand gunners or X-bowmen. Personally I like the idea of X-Bows more as the range will give you shots on the first turn and I think it suits a Stirland theme more.

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