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    Acting XO of Tanith 1st MadLarkin's Avatar
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    192 (x4)

    2250 Balanced just for fun

    Pistol, Full plate, Great Weapon
    Laurels of Victory, Talisman of Preservation

    Wizard Lord
    Extra magic level (Shadows)
    Grey Wand, VHS

    Battle Wizard
    Rod of Power, level 2 (Shadows)

    BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Dawn Stone

    Warrior Priest
    Heavy Armor, Great Weapon

    Warrior Priest
    Heavy Armor, Great Weapon

    Pistol, Full Plate, Great Weapon

    Spearmen x50
    Full Command, Razor Standard
    -Detachment: Halberdiers x25

    Handgunners x20
    Marksman, Musician, Hochland Long Rifle
    -Detachment: Handguners x10
    Detachment: Free Company x10

    Pistoliers x5
    Outrider with repeater, Musician

    Pistoliers x5
    Outrider with repeater, Musician

    Great Cannon x2

    Total: 2249

    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    Drill Sergeant Lord Borak's Avatar
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    2052 (x8)

    Hey dude, I can't say I'm an expert on Empire buy hey at least I know how to play Fantasy!!........ Well I pretend I do anyway.

    these guys look fairly solid. Personally I'd grab the Earthing Rod on your Wizard Lord to prevent him killing himself. This might serve you better than +1 to cast. Shadows is an awesome Lore though.

    The Random Captain with the Great Weapon. What is he for? He just seems a bit random and with no real purpose. Maybe use his points for something else? you could boost the Spearmen up to 60? or get a unit of X-bows/Hand gunners

    Other than that Power Dice are going to be highly fought over. With the Priests you have 8 spells available to you and, on average, 8 dice to use to cast them. so, is it worth making the taking the Level 2 upgrade on the Hero level Wizard? the Lord will be sucking up all the dice anyway so the only benefit is to be able to have all the Shadow Lore at your disposal. If you dropped him you'd still know 5 spells out of 6 and can choose spells if you roll multiples so you should get the spells you want anyway. You could put those 35pts to some other use

    There seems to be a lack of 'bite' in the list. There's nothing really here that can give a punch in combat and while the Spearmen/Halberdiers will be around for a while they probably wont be killing much and definitely not heavy infantry. Maybe swap the Halberds for Great swords or some other 'hard hitting' unit. Razormind will be amazing on the Spears but not many people will let you get it off, unless you 6 dice it and if that's your plan then definitely go for the earthing rod on your Lord!!!

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    Son of LO Marnepup's Avatar
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    298 (x8)

    Wow...where to start...Characters, I guess. The general does nothing for you other than provide an LD bubble. You'd think that his melee prowess justifies him, but you'd be wrong. Several other armies have melee heroes that would mop the floor with him, and most armies' lord level fighters certainly would. Better off taking an arch lector...he provides the same LD9 bubble, but he also gives you two prayers per turn and two bonus dispel dice. In fact, if you're taking an AL, you can make do with a single warrior priest..and still come out ahead in terms of the number of prayers you can use and the number of bonus DD generated. The non-BSB captain is nothing more than a waste of points. You really only need one wizard, the L4 one. The L2 wizard is redundant, and with so many casters on the board, you'll never have enough power dice to get good service out of their useless hides. You're also missing a key character...you need an engineer per 2-3 pieces of artillery. I'd recommend an AL (general, no walter; I like dawn armor, white cloak, VHS, and GW), a L4 Wizard Lord (4+ ward and rod of power), a WP(AoMI), a BSB (with plate and 4+ ward, not the rerollable AoMI save), and a naked engineer.

    Spearmen stink on ice...an extra rank of S3 attacks is in no way better than having S4 attacks in the first place for the same points. Personally, I prefer swordsmen, but halberdiers are fine and cost the same as spearmen. For a detachment, if you're using halberdiers, I'd recommend free company...might as well spam some AHW loving into the flank if you're going in frontally with S4.

    The handgunners should be crossbowmen. You won't miss the AP rule anywhere near as much as you'll miss the extra range of the crossbows. Using handgunners for a detachment is fine, since I do believe in making ~1/3 of your shooters handgunners (assuming that you have 30 or more shooters). Personally, I'd go with three separate regiments of shooters, but a big block, other than being a really juicy target, doesn't really have that much downside. The free company detachment seems a bit odd, I'd want something a little more threatening, like halberdiers, to babysit my gunline. Lastly, the marksman with HLR is a huge waste of points. The odds against him actually making any difference in the game are astronomical. My rule is to take at least a half-dozen HLRs or take none.

    The pistoliers should have no upgrades except the musician...other than that, they're great.

    Two cannon is great...I'd add two mortars, as well.
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