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    Help me build my fiirst 1k list (competitive)

    Hey guys, I have a noob campaign coming up soon and it will be fought with a 1000pts and less. I have alot of models built and was wondering if you could help me come up with an army list as I have no experiance thus far. So here it goes...

    I have:
    1 mortar
    8 knights full comand lances
    20 sworsmen full comand
    10 gunners marksman
    10 greatswords full comand
    1 warrior priest
    1 captain on foot
    1 captain mounted
    2 wizards (metal,death)

    What else would you recomend if it needs more troops? Thanks in advance ;p

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    Empire Noob here as well so don't take my word as gold. This is 972pts using what you have although I think you REALLY need to buy some more stuff!!!

    Level 4 Shadow Wizard. Earthing Rod -235pts

    Priest, Barded Horse, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon -112pts
    Captain, BSB, Dawnstone, AoMI -125pts

    8 Knights, Lances, Std, Flaming Std -210pts (priest here)

    20 Swordsmen. Std & Musician. -215pts
    -10 Hand Gunners

    Mortar -75pts

    What I recommend is buying some more Swordsmen to beef the unit up to at least 30. Buy another Mortar and maybe a Cannon too (you'll probably be facing a fair few big monsters at 1000pts). you have plenty of Character models available so no need to buy any more of those!!

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    I concur with Lord Borak, but want to disagree with Lord Nessus...you do not, in point of fact, "have a lot of models built." Not even for the 1k level of the game. I would strongly recommend boosting the swordsmen AND building them a halberdier detachment.

    Mostly ignoring the models that you have on hand, I'd go for a block of 35-40 swordsmen with full command, led by a priest, with a detachment of 15-18 halbediers as the core of my army (remembering that the halberdiers don't count towards minimum points spent on core units!) That eats about half of your points right there, but it can handle most any enemy infantry at the 1k level. Throw in a pair of cannon with an engineer, and you have about 250ish points left to spend...I'd recommend either knights of the inner circle or greatswords so that you have something with some bite, since the swordsmen block is relatively hard to kill, but lacks punch... I'm leaning more towards the greatswords, since it gives you more bodies than the KOTIC, it moves no faster than the swordsmen (eliminating risk of getting separated too far to support one another), and can occupy the watchtower in that scenario.
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