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    Holy protecters of the realm(warrior priest theme - 2000 pts)

    There are two things i like about warhammer: theme/fluff and winning. I would like to start a war band which roams the north east of the realm to protect from chaos, storywise. But i would also like to not make an *blieb* of myself on a tournament.

    So two restrictions for this army:
    1. no wizards
    2. no gunpowder

    So here it goes:

    Characters - 689
    Arch lector on war altar enter
    AOMI, fencer's blades – 285

    Warrior priest on warhorse(with inner circle knights)
    heavy armour, shield, VHS – 140

    Warrior priest(with halberdiers)
    obsidian amulet, Shield, heavy armour – 126

    BSB(with halberdiers)
    full plate, griffin banner - 138

    Core - 964
    40 halberdiers(7x6)
    full command - 220

    20 halberdiers(5x4)
    Musician – 104

    15x free company - 75

    28x flagellants
    Prophet of doom – 290

    10x crossbowmen
    Musician – 85

    10x crossbowmen
    Musician – 85

    10x huntsmen
    marksman - 105

    Special - 346

    6x inner circle knights
    musician, standard bearer, eternal flame banner - 190

    15x great swords
    Musician - 156

    Total: 1999

    So what I was wondering about, if this is competitive... The flagellants and halberdiers can function as anvils. I think the anvils aren’t really tarpits, in the sense that they are too small. The other stuff to annoy, flank charge, run flanks and hunt lone stuff/warmachines.

    I am also wondering if the griffin banner is worth it and if I should make the large halberdier unit 6 wide and 7 deep, instead of 7 wide 6 deep.

    So what do you think? Am I going to be crushed or will the believers of Sigmar and their band of peasants stand a chance?
    Don't hold back, any comment is most welcome.

    Last edited by sirkently; November 6th, 2011 at 16:55.

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