This is my TOXG list the warrior priest on foot goes into the swordsmen, the mounted priest and grandmaster go in the knights and the bsb goes in the spearmen. The general goes in the unit of 15 hand gunners who sit in the tower.

3000 point empire

Arch lector VHS AOMI Sword of sigismund
War altar

Warrior priest great weapon dawn armour

Warrior priest great weapon barded warhorse heavy armour shield

Templar grand master sword of fate

General folding fortress handgun full plate shield.*

Bsb full plate dawnstone

2x engineers

39 spearmen full command

24 swordsmen full command

30 halberdiers full command

20 greatswords full command

10 handgunners

10 crossbowmen

15 handgunners std musician

2x Mortar
2x cannon

5 pistoliers champion repeater pistol musician

8 IC knights full command

List may not change much it's the characters and their equipment that I'm mainly looking for advice on. Thanks in advance.