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    What would you do with my army?

    With my empire army, my lists end up looking fairly similar, so I thought it would be nice to hear other people's ideas of what to do with my empire army.
    I usually play 2,500 points games and I just want to see what kinds of armies people would make with my models.

    My Empire Models Include....

    4 Captains/Generals (2 unmounted, 1 unmounted bsb, 1 mounted)
    4 Warrior Priests (3 unmounted, 1 mounted)
    3 Wizards
    3 Engineers

    40 Swordsmen (with command)
    40 Halberdiers (with command)
    34 Handgunners (including 3 hochland long rifles)
    32 Knights (I don't know how I got so many either) (3 sets of commands, 10 lances and 22 Great weapons)
    30 Greatswords (with command)
    10 Pistoliers (2 Outriders with repeater pistols and 2 musicians)
    2 Cannons
    2 Mortars
    2 "Rare Section" Warmachines (My helblasters/helstorms can be switched around)

    And thats it (I think). Go nuts, and make them as competitive, fun, and/or ridiculous as you want.

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    Give them to me? please? no? okay i'd go to the direction were you have suprise the opponent when he/she(notice! SHE) has prepared his/her plans for stopping the WAltar and tank(s), but when you're no using them it's a big bonus to put your opponent re-make his/her battle-plans. for a 2400pts rough list i'd take..

    (this is my friends list)

    -13 knights
    -10 knights
    -30 flagellants
    -30 greatswords
    -wizard lord
    -2x pegasus
    -bsb on foot
    -priests to the knight blocks

    i havent tried this but it's fun and competitive..

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    Well, I'm not going straight into the book to look for points values or anything, but I'd say that you're sort of size-limited if you wanted to run them as a competitive army. So here's what I've got:

    Wizard Lord w/ staff that lets you store dice for the following phases, Lore of Life

    Warrior Priest - naked, joins Halberds/greatswords

    Warrior Priest - mounted, 4+ Wardsave, Great Weapon, joins Knights

    BSB w/ 4+ wardsave, decent armor, etc. joins Greatswords

    40 Halberdiers w/ full command, no shields
    - Detachment 20 Swordsmen
    - Detachment 14 Handgunners

    X* Knights w/ full command, warbanner, Great Weapons
    * enough to fill the rest of your minimum core requirements

    30 Greatswords w/ full command
    - Detachment 15 Swordsmen
    - Detachment 14 Handgunners

    2 Units of 5 Pistoliers w/ Musician only

    2 Mortars
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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