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    So finally started fantasy!

    First of, hello too all of you!Well, after years of playing 40k I decided to quit. Sold all three armies(Eldar, Space wolves, Night lords). I was then convinced by some friends to start fantasy. So I spent a month deciding which army too play. Well I bought my Empire army yesterday. Now my friends and I have decided to play as soon I'm ready. So I come here asking for help, to get a army list so I quickly can put together my army. And perhaps get some tips for what to buy next.We have agreed too play 2500p. My friends play High Elves( magic heavy), skaven(horde), WoC(He seems to like knights).So this is what I have bought an now have to paint.4 Battle wizards,Captain with gory sword(how could I resist something as cool as a gory sword),Captain with hammer and pistol,Captain with sword and shield,Engineer on mechanical steed,Master engineer with repeater pistol,Warrior priest with great weapon,6 boxes of state troops,2 boxes of Handgunners/crossbowmen,2 boxes of Knightly Orders,2 Great cannon/Mortar,2 helblaster volley gun/Helstorm rocket battery,3 boxes of Greatswords.I think thats all, hope you can help me.PSI'm writing this on my mobile. So I hope you can forgive a few errors.

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    From the point you are at now I'd sit down and sort out your main units and work out how much they cost. I'd start by making the greatswords. One unit of thirty for the. Entre of your battle line. They don't have much in the way of options so full command and leave them at that. With 60 state troops id go for a unit of 30 swordsmen and a unit of thirty halberdiers. Your best bet with these is to build them without arms and play test them to see how you want them.

    The shooting state troopers can be a bit tricky too personally depending on the army crossbows and handguns can be equally as useful. I'd go for 2 units of handgunners 10 a piece with no command.

    Artillery wise I have a love for mortars but you might want to go for cannons as the two rare artillery pieces can make up for the mortars.
    You will need a bsb in the list though to make it worthwhile. As for other characters putting the warrior priest in any combat unit will help them out greatly. The more offensive a unit the more useful IMO so halberdiers or greatswords are good units to pu them in.
    Wizard wise you will rarely need more than one level 4 and one level 2 no matter the army so I'd start by making up only 2 wizards although with the nice multiparty models choosing the lores would be best.

    The knights I would personally have as a large unit of sixteen but that depends on your play style.

    Overall you seem to have the makings of a very nice army but I'd start by writing a couple of lists and posting them on the forum. I'll have a think and see if I can write a basic list from your models and post it here as I'm writing some empire lists at the moment anyway!

    Good luck and hope you enjoy fantasy!
    Also welcome to the forum!


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    Hello! Welcome to fantasy!

    Commisarlestat pretty much covered everything, you want to start by deciding what type of combat units you want. In terms of shooting empire are pretty much as good as they come, but shooting won't win you games, you'll need those combat troops to clean up whats left over.

    Swordsmen are great, decent save, and okay stat line considering how weak empire are in combat, 30-40 are generally a good number to start with. In most of my lists I run a unit of 40 with my BSB capt'n and my lvl 4, makes for a good bunker. You'll also want to include some detachment's for your parent unit(great swords, swordsmen, etc.) I find halberdiers make good detachment units.

    As for the knightly orders, well the larger the number the better they get, as said 16 is a good number you can take casualties and still be striking back with a decent number of attacks.

    If I had to suggest grabbing something, it would be pistoliers, they are by far one of my favorite empire units. They're great at re directing and charge blocking, and they can deal pretty decent damage if your opponent decides to ignore them.

    Best of luck, hope I could help some!

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    notice nobody mentioned the mechanical steed in his advice... The only good engineer, and it's a very good one indeed, is a naked one to babysit two or three pieces of artillery. With high elves and skaven being two of your three main opponents, S3 isn't as terrible as it would be otherwise. And against skaven, in particular, you're going to want to be slapping templates all over the place. They'll cut their numbers down to something manageable there...and against high elves, well, they have low model count and T3, so you do the math there! The one problem here is chaos...if he were going for the marauder horde, I'd say take two mortars and maybe a helblaster...but it's knights...(obviously, those aren't core, so he does need marauders or warriors...since he seems to favor knights, it's probably warriors. The problem, though, is that cannons don't solve your problem unless you get a flank shot, which you won't. So I'd still stick with mortars for the special artillery, but take both rares as helblasters...that'll give them second thoughts about getting too close! Don't try to match your knights against chaos knights, even if you outnumber them. With 2 S5 attacks per model, and probably frenzy on top of that, you'll get shredded. There's a reason they're 40 points per model!

    Actually, since you're only facing those three enemies...consider the lore of metal. It's pretty decent against elven special infantry (except phoenix guard!) and amazing against all cavalry (except dragon princes), and it'll shred anything the mortars can't penetrate...pairing the lore of metal with mortars lets you have your cake and eat it, too...except against, unfortunately, those two HE units...you're likely to face phoenix guard anyway, and once you take lore of metal (or fire), the dragon princes will turn up as a counter, but it can't be helped, I think it's the best way for you to deal with chaos knights. If you take two casters, you can still take something else on the other caster.
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