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    2000 pt empire mostly knights

    Kurt helborg

    Warrior priest- B.warhorse, armour of meteoric iron 129
    Warrior priest- B.warhorse, enchanted shield, heavy armour 123
    Warrior priest- B.warhorse, shield, dragonhelm 120

    9 knights- F/C 247
    9 knights- F/C 247
    9 knights- F/C 247
    9 knights- F/C 247


    Pretty simple each character goes with a unit of knights, warrior priests granting re-rolls to hit (nothing more annoying than missing your Lance attacks), and kurt just smashes through creating combat res, cannons there to deal with big nasties and annoyances.
    Please give your advice and criticisms. all is welcome

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    Another knight based list! I have never played a list without any infantry (though I've written them) but I think you need, at very least, one block of infantry. The problem is that at 2000 points 4 units of knights and 3 cannons have no tools for dealing with larger units. Even a unit of 2-3 ranks will still be steadfast against your knights. Kurt may kill a lot but he still wants to break the enemy on the charge and the only way to do that consistently is to hit him into the side of a unit already held in place by another unit.
    Second, keep one unit of 9 knights or maybe more (so you can disrupt ranks with one unit at least) but reduce the others to 5 or 7. having ranks is just not that important for knights, and you can use the points to get magic banners or the other units/ hero I'm suggesting. And like I always say, take mortars and helstroms over cannons (but still take 1 cannon) when you do knight lists. That's so you have something to whittle down big units.

    If you want to be thematic, maybe take some greatswords? Oh, and by the way, I would armour your warrior priests this way if what you're looking for is survivability:

    1. Barded Warhorse, Dawn Armour and Shield (1+ rerollable)
    2. Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone (1+ rerollable, 2+ ward vs. fire)

    Finally, maybe you need at least a lvl. 2 wizard or 1 banner of arcane protection. 3 DD are good but not enough to stop the enemy's magic phase. I have lots more advice but I'm going on and on so maybe take a gander at my response to the other knight lists here and the forum for using Grand Masters.
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