Always wanted a Samurai army and just discovered that Nippon is essentially Japan so I'm creating a themed list.

General (With Samurai)
Full Plate
Fencer's Blades, White Cloak of Ulric

General (With Spearmen)
Crown of Command, Armor of Destiny

Wizard Lord
Lore of Light, Extra Magic Level
Captain (With Samurai)
Great Weapon, Full plate, BSB
Talisman of Preservation

Warrior Priest (with spearmen)
Heavy Armor, Great Weapon
Ring of Volan's, Dragon Helm

Warrior Priest (With Samurai)
Heavy Armor, Great Weapon
Armor of Meteroic Iron

Witch Hunter
Brace of Pistols

Witch Hunter
Brace of Pistols

Spearmen x50 (Asigaru with yari's)
Full Command
Detachment: Archers x15-105
Detachment: Halberdiers x20-120

Handgunners x10
Marksman w/long rifle
Tiger Riders (Demigryph Knights) x4
Full Command, Standard of Discipline, Halberds

Greatswords x35 (Samurai)
Full Command, Razor Standard
Detachment: 10 Archers