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    40 (x2)

    first attempt at 2400 points

    Here is my first empire list with the new book.

    Archlector - general - Great weapon - Armor of meteoric iron - van horstmann's speculum
    Battle wizard lord - Lvl 4 - Lore of life - Dispel scroll

    Captain of the empire - BSB - Full plate - Dragon Helm - Shield - Crown of command
    Warrior priest - Warhorse - barding - heavy armor - charmed shield

    50 halberdiers - Full command - 15 swordmen detachment
    14 handgunners - Full command - Hochland long rifle

    6 demigryphs - musician - standard - Steel Standard
    30 Flagellants - Prophet
    2 cannons

    Celestial Hurricanum

    The Archlector and BSB are going in the Halberdiers to give them hatred, stubborn and hold the line
    The wizard hides with the handgunners
    The warrior priest goes with the demigryphs to give them hatred

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    The demigryphs should be split into two units. In the second rank, only the rider gets to attack. Since the mounts are far more powerful, what a waste! Actually, based on my experience with TK chariots, I suspect that units of four will turn out to be optimal...

    Also, the single HLR is a waste. Spend those points on something useful, like more men in the shooty unit. Speaking of that unit, the extra 6" of range of crossbows trumps the armor piercing special rule of handguns...

    Finally, I give my BSB talpres and enchanted shield for a 2+/4++, since he's no good to you dead... But he's influencing 3 statie regiments for me, versus one for you, that makes a difference in how much it's reasonable to spend to keep him breathing!

    If you split the gryphs, dump the priest for a naked engineer to babysit your cannons. Since he's supposed to be giving them rerolls, points spent on exotic weapons are wasted, but give him armor if you want...
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    Have you considered swapping your lvl 4 wizard for a lvl 2? I know your probably looking to use vines and then dominate the magic phase, but I think you may loose out with competition from the AL and WP when looking to have enough dice to cast with. Unless I've misread (or forgot as it was some time ago), bound spells also use dice from your pool. I think you will be lucky to get you AL WP spells off, then have enough to cast vines followed by another spell.

    I have found a lvl1/2 beasts wizard is useful for the cheap sig spell buff. I'm also liking fire as well for low lvl wizards.

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