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    First go at Empire 2000pts Friendly

    Hi all,

    I'm both new to the forum and a new Empire player, I have mainly played WoC before and wanted something different.

    Anyways here is my first go at a list, advice would be appreciated!

    Battle Wizard Lord lvl 4
    Scroll of Shielding
    Obsidian Amulet

    Battle Wizard lvl 2
    Dispel Scroll

    Warrior Priest
    Heavy Armour
    Fencers Blades
    Helm of the Skavenslayer

    35 Swordsmen
    Full Command

    39 Halebardiers
    Full Command
    15 Free Company (Detachment)

    20 Greatswords
    Full Command
    War Banner

    3 Demigryph Knights
    Steel Standard

    5 Pistoliers
    Repeater Pistol

    Steam Tank

    Total 2000pts

    The Warrior Priest goes with the Halebardiers and the Wizards go where they can do most damage/buff best. The Demigryphs are my hammer and the Pistoliers marchblock/take out warmachines. The Steam Tank picks off monsters and tries to flank something juicy. The Lord will probably take Lore of Death as it has worked well for me, unsure about the lvl 2 maybe Light or Beasts for some nice buffs.

    The armies I regularly play against are Skaven, VC, WE and WoC.

    As said advice is appreciated!

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    Skaven, undead, elves, and marauders are vulnerable to even the nerfed mortar, and undead and skaven make decent horde armies, so in this environment, I recommend taking one instead of a stank, with the remaining points going into more greatswords. Also drop the outrider. If you get the greatswords up to 30, start adding to the halberdiers and free company.
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    No BSB. At 2000pts, no matter what army im using, i always make sure to cram a BSB into my list. With the Generals Bubble being Ld8 as well, i think it is somthing you might want to look into.

    Does your second Wizard need to be Lvl2? Back in 7th Ed, if i could upgrade a wizard, i would, on the basis that you get more dice. These days my secondary wizard, i keep at Lvl1, with the single minded aim being that he (being a bright wizard) will be responsible for casting direct damage via Fireball at all 3 levels, to support the lack of direct damage that my Lvl4 shadows Wizard, and WP are providing. If your going Beasts then Lvl 1 is good enough, just for the signautre spell for +1S & T. Light is also good for some buffs but from what ive seen, if your going light, you might aswell also take it on your Wizard Lord so you benifit from the ability to increase damage from other light wizards.

    Greatswords as Marnepup has said could be bigger. Im currently going with a unit of 30, but have give some strong thought into dropping them all together in favour of some more state troops or RGK if they fail to provided any significant outcome for my army.

    Demigryphs, i think 4 has got to be better if your including a Standard and a magical standard, just so if nothing else you have more wounds kicking about. Iv got 4 in my list and im looking at running the steel standard as you have done, but i would seriously reconsider it with just 3 models. Remember you may have 1+ save, but your only T4. off the top of my head your looking at about 250pts for 3 models, so 83pts per model, or 27pts per wound. If you ran 4 your looking at about 75pts per model or 25pts per wound. Not a massive difference but just look at similar units and think if they would be carrying so many points which can be taken easily.

    Pistoliers, i would drop the Outrider unless he is there to make up points. I like the idea of having 4 BS4 shots just so i can actualy hit something when i need to after moving and long range, but for the cost you could almost afford another pistolier. Depends entirely on how you want to use your unit, i tend to sacrifice mine readily to protect my blocks so i dont bother with champion upgrades.

    Iv gone off the steam tank, iv just seen it die easily so many times to magic phases or reduced in wounds to the point that its not much use. Maybe swap for hellblaster and morta

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