I mainly have been playing 40k recently (for quite a while) and I was thinking of dusting off ye alde Fantasy army and seeing what everybody thinks. This army has had VERY little playtesting, a couple games against some Brets which it chewed through, and a game against a poorly organized Orc horde. I was mainly collecting the models I liked the most, and kind of formulated them into an army list.


Captain Reed: (general) hand wpn., heavy armor, pistol, van Horstemanns thangie (w/ 13 spearmen)
Captain Whittaker: (battle standard bearer) heavy armor (w/ 17 swordsmen)


17 Swordsmen: Champ., 8 militia detachment (militia w/light armor)
13 Spearmen: 5 crossbowman attachment (w/light armor) 6 militia detachment (w/light armor)
14 Spearmen: Musician, Standard Bearer w/shields
10 Handgunners: Marksmen
12 Handgunners: Marksmen
8 Knights: Inner Circle, full command, magic standard (forgot which)

1 Great Cannon
1 Great Cannon
1 Mortar

1 Helblaster Volley Gun