1500 pts Empire Talabheim - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pts Empire Talabheim

    this is a friendly just fun games army...mainly aginst Lizards, ogres and elves....

    Lance, heavy armor, warhorse + Bardings, shield, Dispel scroll, Biting blade.
    Total: 109

    Level 2, Dispel scroll, Wizard’s staff.
    Total: 135

    Master Engineer
    Light Armor, Repeater Handgun.
    Total 72

    Free Company Militia Regiment 20
    Sergeant, Light armor.
    Total: 130

    Swordsmen 18
    Standard, Musician, Duelist.
    Total: 151

    Detachment: 1 of Swordsmen
    7 Handgunners
    Total: 56

    Spearmen 18
    Standard, Musician, Sergeant, Shields.
    Total: 151

    Detachment: 1 of Spearmen
    Free Company 8
    Total: 40

    Detachment: 2 of Spearmen
    7 Handgunners
    Total: 56

    Knights of the Knightly Order 12
    Musician, Standard, First Knight, Knights of the Inner Circle. Griffon Standard
    Total: 402

    Great Cannon x 2
    Total: 200

    Total: 1502

    so what do you think?...can it hold a chance?...i was thinking of making one cannon a mortar, and add some upgrades to something else...

    or making one cannon a mortar and then take away the griffon standard then add another mortar...

    P.S. Blood angels rule, the anger lets us ignore wounds ...hehehe

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    53 (x5)

    The army is fine, but for one thing.

    20 Free Company run fast due to their low leadership. They won't hold.

    Instead I'd take a small unit of 6 Knights with a musician to support your large Inner Circle unit, which is currently on its own.
    To pay for the difference, I'd drop the Griffon standard for a Steel Standard. Those extra inches are always useful. The enemy will be taken by surprise and exploited the first time. Then subsequent times you'll have him on a hook fearing your knights even more.
    And the Griffon standard won't do that much good for Knights anyway, it's meant for infantry formation, who'll then have sth like 9 static CR.

    Those changes applied, you'll have an army with good projection in the form of abundant artillery supported by the Engineer; a very hard hitting, much enduring and well supported unit of Knights; and not too shabby defensive anchorage with your infantry.
    Well balanced I'd say.

    Lance Leader of the LO Codex: Wasters design team

    Forged in fire, bonded in ice
    Son of Fenris, Son of Russ

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