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    2000 Empire Army

    Templar Grand Master (260) *355
    +40 sword of power
    +10 enchanted shiled
    +45 holy relic

    1 Captain(50) +60
    +10 full plate and shield

    14 Knightly Order(230) *404
    +3 pts per model for inner circle
    +40 full command

    2 mortar(75) *150

    2 Hellblaster Volley Guns *250

    2x20 Free Company(5) *230
    +15 standard and musician

    24 Greatswords(12) *368
    +30 full command
    +50 griffon standard

    24 Swordsmen(7) *183
    +15 Standard and Musician

    TOTAL: 2000
    Power dice: 2
    Dispell Dice: 2
    Total Units: 5(not including war machines)
    Total Models: 131(including horses and crew members)

    I have had some problems with my armies, just wondering what some other people thought about my ideas

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    Well first thing first, the general... You take a Templar Grand Master and half of your army is on foot. The Grand Master has been made to lead an all Knight army, it's not what you have right now. There is one known weakness in an Empire army and it's leadership, if you take the general away from the center of your infantry unit (and you will since he will charge) all your army will have to test on a Ld 8. Not that good (since that Ld will be modified by CR). Take an Elector Count on foot, give him a great weapon, the Holy Relic and the Armour of Meteoric Iron and he's good to go. Relatively cheap and effective. Put him at the head of your Swordsmen unit to give them some punch and a decent leadership.

    Your captain need some more protection and another role. Put him on a barded horse and make him lead your unit of Knights. Give him a Full Plate Armour, the Sword of Might and the Enchanted Shield, it's a good combo.

    That unit of Knights is way too big, to have 15 Knights in one big unit serves no purpose. I am guessing here that you will put them 5 wide on 3 ranks, the first rank will get to hit something, the second is there to replace the casualties in the first rank, for support and for the rank bonus (so far so good) but the third rank is only there to give your unit a +1 rank bonus, it's a really expensive bonus that cost you 104 points. You can have the same bonus if you take the War Banner for 25 points. The best size for a unit of Knights is 10 IMHO, in this case 9 will do if you put the Captain at their head. That will make a nice hammer unit your opponents will fear.

    The warmachine selection is almost good. Take 2 mortars if you face T3 opponents, for everything else you should take 2 cannons. 1 Hellblaster is more than enought, to have 2 in one army is a playing too much on the powergamer side, also, if both of them blow up, that's a lot of wasted points. Don't take the chance.

    Your 2 unit of 20 Free Company must go. Those ones will accomplish nothing, they'll get wiped out really easy and might even make your army panic with a chain reaction. Also, where are your detachments??? Split your Free Company into 4 detachment of 10 and give 2 to your Greatswords and 2 to your Swordsmen. The detachment rules are the strenght of the empire army, use them and see how powerful they are.

    The unit of Greatswords is nice but it's a little bit too big, 20 can do the job of 24. Give the Banner of the Griffon to your Swordsmen Instead, they'll need it more than them. Also they could use a Captain at their head too. Either give them a simple Captain with a great weapon and a Full Plate Armour or give them a Battle Standard, that will give to your infantry blocks some more staying power (re-rollable Ld 9 for break test is quite good).

    Like I said before for the Swordsmen just give them the Banner of Griffon, the Elector Count and 2 detachments of 10 Free Company and they will make a strong infantry unit.

    What's greatly missing in your army is the following:
    - Magic defense... you have none. Take at least one level 1 Battle Wizard with 2 Dispel Scrolls, you will greatly need it.
    - 5 Pistoliers... Those are great to support your big Knight unit, to annoy your opponent infantry unit and to kill warmachine crewmembers.
    - 5 Huntsmen... To march block and kill warmachine crewmembers.
    - 1 or 2 vanilla Knight units of 5 men to guard the flanks, redirect charges and charge engaged ennemy units in the flank or in the rear.

    An army like I'm suggesting will cost you 2000 pts with 3 dispel dice, 3 power dice, and around 110 models, it's a strong balanced army with a bit of everything. Try those changes and come back tell us how it went, I guaranty you some wins with an army like that.
    Last edited by Thyr; March 31st, 2006 at 21:09.

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    Thyr seems to have covered just about everything but id like to put in my own opinion about the captains

    first the captain with the knights wont help much for three reasons

    1) the knights already have leadership 8 so they dont need the captains.

    2) the knights will already defeat just about everything they face

    3) the captain will just add to your opponents resolve to blow th knight unit to bits

    Also the captain he proposed for the greatswords wont help because

    a) the greatswords dont need him in combat as they already are fairly incredible

    b) his leadership wont do a thing for the greatswords because they already have ld 8 and the stubborn rule which means if they do choose to take the captains leadership (dunno why) theyll have to take the penalty to combat resolution as if they werent stubborn.

    Other then the captains i really have nothing else to add to Thyrs post, because it lookes like he already covered everything i would have said

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