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    [2300] Empire - Balanced

    This list is made out of all the Empire models I own plus a Dogs of War Giant that I'm planning to buy. Please give your comments. :yes:


    2300 Points Empire


    Elector Count
    - Great Weapon, Dawn Armour, Enchanted Shield, Holy Relic
    - Griffon
    Total Points = 401


    - Great Weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron
    Total Points = 84

    Warrior Priest
    - Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield
    Total Points =101

    Battle Wizard
    - Hand Weapon, Level 2, Rod of Power
    Total Points = 140

    Core Units

    25 Swordsmen
    - Swords, Light Armour, Shields, Full Command, Imperial Banner
    - Detachments: One: 10 Free Company
    Two: 8 Handhunners
    Total Points = 414

    25 Spearmen
    - Spears, Hand Weapons, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command
    - Detachments: One: 10 Free Company
    Two: 8 Handhunners
    Total Points = 314

    25 Spearmen
    - Spears, Hand Weapons, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command
    - Detachments: One: 8 Handgunners
    Two: 8 Handhunners
    Total Points = 328

    5 Knightly Orders
    - Hand Weapons, Lances, Full Plate Armour, Shields, Barded Warhorses, Musician
    Total Points = 123

    Special Units

    1 Great Cannon
    - 3 Crew with Hand Weapons
    Total Points = 100

    1 Mortar
    - 3 Crew with Hand Weapons


    Dogs of War Giant
    Total Points = 205

    Total Points = 2285
    Total Models = 145
    Power = 4; Dispel = 4

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    I like your Hero selection a lot, the EC on his Griffon is tricky to play but he's fun and can do a lot to help your battle line. I would personally make only 3 minor tweaks regarding this selection:
    - I would transform the Captain into a BSB and give him a Sword of might instead of the GW.
    - I would give the Warrior-Priest a GW instead of a second hand weapon.
    - I would downgrade the Battle Wizard to a level 1 with 2 dispel scrolls, 1 level 2 won't accomplish anything with only 4 PD it's way too easy to dispel. Play him defensively.

    Regarding your core choices I have only one reserve, it is a fact that 3 infantry units with 2 detachment each can be a challenge, especially if some if you have a small deployment zone and since you have 4 detachments of 8 Handgunners you will need a good frontage to put them in a position to fire early in the game. Also it might make some huge gap between your infantry unit, if it's a detachment that is charged you won't have the benefit of the detachment rules and if it's cavalry that charge it then if it break your detachment it will end up in the back of your battle line (Heavy Cavalry and Chariots can put you in a lot of trouble). I know your EC on his Griffon can correct some of those situation but even him might not be enought sometimes. If you don't have a special deployment strategy in mind I would advise you transform 2 Handgunners unit in 1 independant Handgunner unit of 10 and give 1 melee detachment to the Spearmen unit that have 2 Handgunners unit.

    Also, you might want to reconsider giving a full command to your 5 Knightly Orders. I would remove at least the banner. My favorite configuration for this kind of unit is 6 Knights w/ a musician.

    Last but not least I would take 2 cannons instead of your current selection, or a cannon and a Hellblaster. Only 1 mortar is way too unreliable to count on (it scatter too much) and only 1 cannon might do nothing if it blow up early in the game. To take 2 is a good insurance

    Other than that your list is pretty solid

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    Yep, definitely don't take a mortar. They blow up easily before they even hit something for me. You also don't want all those spearmen, I'd substitute more handgunners instead.

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