Warrior Priest = 143
-2nd warhammer
-Heavy Armour
-Sigil of Sigmar
-Hammers of Might

Warrior Priest = 138
-Double handed Warhammer
-Heavy Armour
-Hammer of Judgement

<Core Units>
Huntsmen (x10) = 106

Crossbowmen (x10) = 86

Knightly Orders (x = 273
-standard bearer [steel standard]
-first knight
-Knights of the inner circle

<Special Units>
Greatswords (Holy ) (x12) = 216
-standard banner (of arcane warding)

<Rare Units>
Hellblaster Volleygun = 125

Alright now I know this is HEAVILY flawed thats why I want full consult, I didn't know much of the army back when I started it and I still am lacking in knowledge of tactics with this army, so thanks in advance for all the feedback ^^