Hello guys i'm kinda new to this i dont know the rules 100 % so there might be some illagel changes

here it goes first try

Elector Count with warhorse fullplate enchanted shield holy relic van horsmann's speculum 187 points
joins knighly orders

Captain with armour of meteroic iron sword of might 100 points joins swordmen's

battel wizard lvl2 2x dispels scrouls 145 points
battel wizard lvl2 rod of power 140 points

8 handgunners with marksmen repeater hand gun, 84 points

20 swordsmen 205 points with musican, griffon banner
detachments 5 hallberds 30 points

19 swordsmen 133 points
detachments 4 hallberds 24 points

8 knightly ordersinner cirle with first knight, musican,standard Bearer,war banner 283 points
5 knights of the white wolf inner cirle with first knight 141 points
Steam tank 300 points
Great cannon 100 points
hellblaster 125 points

1997 points

Tell me what you thing !