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Thread: 2000 friendly

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    2000 friendly


    Grandmaster of the Order of the Forest 200pts (Accompanies Order of the Forest Knights [1])
    w/Sword of Power


    Captain Bruckenheimer 115pts (Accompanies Order of the Forest Knights [2])
    w/ Sword of Righteous Steel, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Warhorse

    Battle Wizard of the Celestial Order 140pts (Accompanies Handgunner unit)
    w/ Level 2, The Silver Horn

    Battle Wizard of the Bright Order 120pts (Accompanies Spearmen unit)
    w/ Level 2, Dispel Scroll, The Crimson Amulet


    19 Spearmen 158pts
    w/ Full Command, Shields

    20 Swordsmen 165pts
    w/ Full Command

    16 Handgunners 148pts
    w/ Marksman (Repeater Handgun)

    9 Knights of the Order of the Forest 239pts [1]
    w/ Standard Bearer, First Knight, Banner of Valour

    9 Knights of the Order of the Forest 239pts [2]
    w/ Standard Bearer, First Knight, Standard of Arcane Warding


    Great Cannon 100pts
    Great Cannon 100pts

    Mortar 75pts
    Mortar 75pts


    Helblaster Volley Gun 125pts

    Total: 1999 points.
    Models: 97

    The army is mainly a Ranged army as you have seen with the amount of blackpowder weapons. the knights are actually used for defence, unless the oppsition is heavily ranged with hardly any combat units, where they will charge whenever possible. The units of infantry are for holding objectives and defending strongpoints. The magicians have a wide array of offensive magic and good magic items. Any comments are welcome, including corrections if i have made any mistakes with points and the like. Thanks in advance,


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    Very solid and consice list, but there are few things I would suggest considering.

    Mounted Heroes and magic weapons: I used to do this to, but I learned you can save a lot of points by simply giving them a lance. Most combats simply don't last long enought to make use of them effectively. Plus in most situations you will be charging. On a charge a lance functions just the same as a SoP and even a SoJ.

    Wizards: I'm a big fan of Rod of power, it's an easy way to add more dice to your pool.

    Companies: I like companies of 25, that way you need to lose 7 guys to lose a rank bonus. Plus it's nice and square. Thats just me though.

    Knights: A cool banner for the knights is the Steel Standard, it's remarkable how handy it comes into play. If you can make one group of knights inner circle and give them a full command.

    An engineer or two would be put to excellent use in this list.

    Again, these are mearly suggestions and pieces of info I have found useful or efficent that taylor to my play style. You may find these suggestions completely worthless.
    Who brings a Hammerhead to a 500 point fight?!
    -Local 'Nid Player

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