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    2000 point Empire list, Friendly play

    Just started to get into the Empire, just getting into Fantasy for that matter, and I'm wanting to know how this list would hold yup. Don't know enought about fantasy to, really, give definate tactics besides rushing the people who should rush, like swordsmen, and shooting with the shooters. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

    Templar Grand Master - Dawn Armor, Hammer of Judgement, Crimson Amulet, Shield - 255

    Warrior Priest - Sword of Power, Enchanted Shield, heavy armor - 149

    Swordsmen - 19 with added Duelist, standard bearer, musician - 165
    Detached Handguners - 10 handgunners - 80
    Detached Free Company - 10 member- 50

    Swordsmen - 19 with added Duelist, standard bearer, musician - 165
    Detached Handguners - 10 handgunners - 80
    Detached Halbardiers - 10 members - 60

    Swordsmen - 19 with added Duelist, standard bearer, musician - 165
    Detached Crossbowmen - 10 crossbowmen - 80
    Detached Spearmen - 10 spearmen - 60

    Knightly Order - Inner circle, standard bearer, musician - 232

    Pistoliers - 6 pistoliers - 114

    Pistoliers - 6 pistoliers - 114
    Great cannon - 100
    Helblaster volley gun - 125

    That should come to 1994 of the 2000 points. Like I said before, I'm quite the newbie, so any help would be great


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    Your anti magic revolves around 3 dispel dice.

    In really fast armies, you can get away with that, maybe. But this army would struggle against something with significant magic.

    Halberdiers and spearmen make terrible detachments. Swordsmen are the best detachment by far as they come with shield and have a good WS and I.

    I'd suggest dropping the grandmaster for a captain and maybe including another warrior priest or a mage.

    Apart from that I like the list.
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