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    Sigmarite list, 1000 points, need help!

    EDIT: Some point costs removed to respect GW copyright. ~DavidVC04

    Howdy guys,
    I'm stating up Empire, and I'm making a Warrior Priest list... I wanted it to kind of be like a holy inquisition list, so while It doesn't seem fluffy in exact GW terms, I'm making it's own fluff.
    So basically, can you just critique it's effectiveness, and give me some hints on how to expand to 2000 points and beyond?

    Warrior Priest - 155
    +Sigil of Sigmar, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Shield, Can Horstman's Speculum

    Warrior Priest - 136
    +Heavy Armor, Shield, Hammer of Judgement

    20x Swordsmen - 155
    +Standard Bearer, Duellist

    10x Handgunner Detachment

    20x Swordsmen - 155
    +Standard Bearer, Duellist

    10x Handgunner Detachment

    5x Pistoliers
    +Marksman, Repeater Pistol

    Helblaster Volley Gun

    Total: 998

    So, in case you hadn't noticed, the warrior priests jump in the swordsman blocks. The blocks go in the middle, their detachments on the outsides of those, and the pistoliers on one side, the helblaster on the other, so I have my strong center and decent flanks, like any good crusader army should be..... I don't know though.

    Help me out!

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    Pssst.... give me kudos....

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    I think it's a really solid list. You've got infantry, fast cav, a warmachine, and cool heroes that should be effective.

    I hope you'll post some reviews of how it fares on the battle field.
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