Empire Army 2500 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Empire Army 2500

    1 Elector Count
    General; Barding; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Warhorse; Holy Relic; Rod of Command

    1 Warrior-Priest of Sigmar
    Barding; Heavy Armour; Shield; Warhorse; Icon of Magnus

    1 Battle Wizard
    Magic Level 1; Rod of Power

    1 Captain
    Barding; Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard; Warhorse; Sword of Power

    25 Swordsmen
    Duellist; Standard; Musician; Banner of Griffon
    10 Detachment - Free Company
    8 Detachment - Archer

    25 Swordsmen
    Duellist; Standard; Musician
    10 Detachment - Free Company
    10 Detachment - Archer

    9 Knights Panther
    First Knight; Inner Circle; Standard; Musician; War Banner

    5 Pistoliers

    10 Handgunners

    3 Great Cannon
    1 Hellblaster

    1 Steam Tank

    5 Huntsmen

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 4
    Models in Army: 138
    Total Army Cost: 2499

    EC goes with first block of swordsman, BSB with second block and Priest goes with Knights.

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    Very solid list, got all your bases covered offensively and defensively. Two thing I noticed that I would encourage.

    First, I would replace a cannon with one mortar. A single well placed round can decimate an entire company. Even T4 troops still take damage.

    Secondly, Don't give your EC a Great weapon, being mounted it is inefficent. Give him Sword of Justice or Sword of Power.

    I would personally use Crossbows over bowman, thats just me. Im not a huge fan of humans with bows.

    Again good list, have fun with it.
    Who brings a Hammerhead to a 500 point fight?!
    -Local 'Nid Player

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