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    500pts Empire (friendly) - First list

    Heya all, well as title says its my first empire list and i was hoping to get some oppinons.

    i know the new empire book is relesed in a couple of days but i had the old one laying around and figured i would post a small 500pt list to check am doing it right for empire

    It will likly change a littil when i get the new book but this is sort of what i was going to buy, i figured it cant change so much that this is totaly obsolite.

    Blackwald Garrison, Training regiment

    Stephan Keppler, Drill Sergent of Blackwald Garrison
    -enchanted shield
    -sword of might
    -full plate

    Blackwald Swordsmen Training Corps.
    -20 swordsmen

    Blackwald Sparing Trainers
    -10 free companie fighters
    (S. men detachment)

    Blackwald Gunners Training Corps.
    -10 handgunners

    Blackwald Pistolers Training Group.
    -5 pistolers
    -marksman /w repeater pistol

    Total = 500pts

    Idea of this list is that the swordsman and FC stand still, near or infront of H.gunners and charge/flank anything that comes near them. pistolers will harry and slow enemy units so that the H.gunners get a lil longer to peper them with lead.

    pistolers also lend me a little mobility and can go after crews of any war machines, am sure there will be at least one person who brings one to a 500 point game ;P

    ok feel free to have at it, critisisums the only way i'll learn

    K thxs
    Drakken :tongue:

    "Evil Sucseeds When Good Men Do Nothing"

    "The Point of War is Not to Die For Your Country.... But to Make The Other Bastard Die For His"

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    i say drop the enchanted sheild and give a normal one and try to bolster the swordsmen up to 30m or 25 whatever your prefer ence since in the new codex their 6 and the halberds are 5 same with the spears. ( if you have to drop the militia no madder what keep the pistoliers).

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