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    New "New Empire" list (no idea of points)

    Well it's been a while since I was last here, and as things go, it was an interesting time while I considered playing Druchii instead of the glorious empire that is the.....Empire....
    I have come back to my senses though, and have set myself along the path of fighting with Sigmar's Righteous Fury (or something like that anyway). It was the appearance of all the lovely new models that really did it for me; as nice as Dark Elves are, they're all oooold models and expensive as hell.

    So in the lead up to the initial army building process I had a look through the contents of all the new boxes and was somewhat bewildered, a little confused, and rather excited with all that I saw. Bewildered because of the sheer customisability (within reason of course); confused as to the contents of the larger boxes; and excited at the prospect of actually having a proper army that would look good.

    It was primarily confusion at the (useless) contents of the Army box (and being a cheapskate) that got my calculator out and my brain working over time. You see, it seems to be a much better deal (both finacially and tactically) to ignore the Army box, and instead go ahead and buy a Battalion and 2 Detatchment boxes. For about the same price, you get around trippple the troops, while not getting as many annoying Knights, but unfortunately not as many Pistoleers (can't have everything).
    And so on that premise, I decided to design a list that would make use of the contents of those 3 boxes (plus a General's box (which I already have - couldn't resist) and a Wizard) to create an army that actually has decent numbers, without wasting my hard earned $$.

    Empire Battalion and 2 Detatchments: Empire Army

    1 Captain (General) w/Full Plate Armor; Shield; Sword of Justice; Doomfire Ring; Warhorse w/Barding
    ^5 Knightly Orders inc/Musician; First Knight
    An assault force - obviously - packs a punch but but hopefully isn't big enough to warrant much attention early on

    1 Captain (Battle Standard Bearer) w/Full Plate Armor; Griffon Standard
    ^29 Halberdiers inc/Musician; Standard Bearer; Sergeant
    10 [Det] Handgunners
    Just a solid unit to hold the line and win battles (6x5)

    30 Halberdiers inc/Musician; Standard Bearer
    10 [Det] Handgunners
    Basically the same job as the other unit (6x5)

    10 Spearmen w/Shield; inc/Musician
    5 [Det] Crossbowmen
    5 [Det] Crossbowmen
    A defensive unit to protect the cannon from attack (5x2)

    1 Battle Wizard w/Level 2 Upgrade; Armor of Tarnus; Wizard's Staff; Warhorse
    ^5 Outriders inc/Marksman
    Something nasty for some harrassment of the flanks and rear lines, possibly following the Knights

    1 Great Cannon
    To blow stuff up - duh

    Casting Pool: 4
    Dispel Pool: 3

    Models in Army: 116
    Total Army Cost: 1401-ish? (according to AB3)

    How do you think it looks? How do you think it looks considering the limitations of budget?
    Since I don't have the Army Book yet (next week, next week) does the fluff still insist that Halberds are the most common weapons?

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    i say you ditch some cav and add a unit of swords in there really you need those added weapon skill and initiative.

    i recommend a unit of 25-35 and full command.
    a unit that would look somethin like this is about 205

    30 swordsmen
    full command

    and maybe another detach ment of handgunners you never know what will happen and that ap - 2 to the armor really helps on the stand and shoot and the cover fire.

    ( really good aginst goblins.)

    those are just my personnall thoghts and the points are from the new codex

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