Arch Lector: War Alter, Heavy Armour, Shield, Doom Fire Ring – 263

Warrior Priest: Icon of Magnus, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield – 125

Warrior Priest: The Orb of Thunder, Second Warhammer, Heavy Armour, Shield – 130

Battle Wizard: Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll – 150

19 Swordsmen with full command with detachments of 10 Halbediers and 8 Handgunners – 248

11 Handgunners – 88

25 Flagellants – 250

19 Greatswords with full command and detachments of 10 Halbediers and 10 Militia: 320

5 Outriders: 105

5 Outriders: 105

Great Cannon: 100

Rocket Battery: 115

My basic idea was to have the Flagellants hold one flank with the Greatswords (accompanied by a warrior priest) and Swordsmen (accompanied by a warrior priest) with their detachments and the War Alter holding the centre, with the artillery and handgunners on either a hill or the weaker flank and the outriders can go around to wherever they are needed. I figured that for the Warrior priests prayers to get off, dispel dice needed to be gotten rid of (the enemies that is) hence the war alter and the bound spells, as well as the Lv 2.)
Comments would be greatly appreciated.