So I've decided to take a shot at making a fantasy army list. Since I've never made one before, I decided to start with a nice 1000 pt empire list and see what you fellas thought. Here we go:


5 knightly orders, FC - 155

10 Crossbowmen - 80

24 Halberds, shield, FC - 164
Detatchment: 9 swordsmen - 54

19 Swordsmen, FC - 139


Mortar - 75

5 pistoliers, musician, outrider with repeater pistol - 114


warrior priest (general) with great weapon, armor of meteoric iron - 119
joins the block of halberds

battle wizard, Lv2, lore of heavens - 100
joins the block of swordsmen

total: 1000

I based the army off what comes in the battalion and figured I'd expand it from there. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!