Warhammer Empire: 2250 points tournament List

140 General of the Empire, shield, Full Plate Armour, Sword of Might, Doom Fire Ring
145 Battle Wizard Level 2, Seal of Destruction
119 Warrior Priest Armour of Meteoric Iron, Great weapon
131 Warrior Priest Heavy armour shield, Sword of Battle Ring, OF Volans
Total 535

195 Swordsmen*20 Full Command, Free Company*10
195 Swordsmen*20 Full Command, Free Company*10
230 Flagellant Warband*22 Prophet of doom
105 Handgunners*10 Marksman Hockland Long Rifle
Total 725

230 Greatswords*20 Full Command
136 Outriders*5 B Outrider champion, Hockland Long Rifle
107 Pistoliers*5 Outrider, reaper pistol
100 Great Cannon
Total 573

115 Helstorm Rocket Battery
300 Steam Tank
Total 415

Grand Total 2248

4 power dice, 5 dispel dice

Please tell what you think of the list there is no set tatic for the army but i tend to play Defensively with the army haveing my shooting to cut down on the enemys ranks

in the Tournament there are lots of skaven, elves and lizardmen but there are others what do you think i will have difficultly playing against and please all critisim is welcome