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    Empire 2000 friendly

    This is my first empire army list. If this list is fine, i will work towards getting the models for it as now i only have swordsman and a general.

    Comments are appreciated.
    Especially on how to use a wizard. Should I give him armour, put him in a unit or put him way at the back.
    Besides that, i dont think i have much anti-magic stuff.


    Barded warhorse -
    Sword of Justice-
    Dawn armour-
    The crimson amulet -


    Warrior priest -
    Heavy armour-

    Battle wizard
    level2 --- 1 dispell scroll- 125

    - 15 Swordsmen-
    full comand-
    5 handgunners- 40.

    -15 Swordsmen-
    full comand-

    -20 halbediers -
    all have shields + full comad- 140
    - 10 handgunners - marksmen-85
    - 20 flagellants - 200
    - 10 Crossbowmen + marksmen-85
    - 10 Knightly Order - + full comand- 270


    Great Cannon-100
    Great Cannon-100
    15 Greatsword with full comand - banner of duty-190
    5 pistoliers with full comand and outrider with repeater pistol-114


    The general will be with the Knights. Priest with the greatswords . And the wizard will be by himself.. i guess.

    So the plan is, form up in the middle, with the swordsmen and flaggelents on oner side of the greatsword while the halbediers and the other swordsmen squad form up on the other side. The crosbowmen, cannons and handgunners will give fire as the enemy advances( like Khorne are going to do) and as they come nearer, we will charge them before they charge us.

    The pistoliers would try to flank them or lure them away or towards the centre with the knights charging into flanks.

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