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    Characters in an Empire Army

    Yeah, it's me, the one that asks annoying questions about Empire yet doesn't even own them (yet).

    I was looking through the Empire Army Book, and am totally overwhelmed by the character choices. Firstly, because there are so many different ones to choose from, but also because I'm not sure where they should GO in the army (ie which units they should go with).

    I've envisaged an army along the lines of (very, very roughly):

    2 big blocks of spears or swords, with a halberdier and handgunner detachment each.
    5 Empire Knights (not sure about Inner Circle, would change from game to game probably)

    20 Greatswords (minus spots for characters)
    5 Pistoliers


    At the moment I'm not really taken by Flagellants, although I'm sure I'll get to them at some point.

    But my question is, in an army of roughly this composition, what sort of characters would you take, and where would you put them?

    I was thinking something along the lines of a General of the Empire, at least 1 Wizard for magic defense, a Captain as a BSB. I'm not sure about the 4th character. Another wizard, perhaps, to maybe actually give some offensive magic power...? Or maybe a Warrior Priest, who can add dispel dice and the Hates rule, and then the first wizard can be more offensive... Or do I even need a 4th character?

    That's just my ideas, not actually having a clue. And I'm not sure where I'd put them. I guess I'd chuck the General in a Swordsmen unit, the BSB in the Greatswords to make them hard to break, the wizard in another troop block. And I don't know. Maybe a Warrior Priest in the Knights?

    So how do people normally organise their characters? I'm not looking for exact load-outs, more just how you use them to bolster your army.

    (NOTE: This was supposed to be AROUND a 2k army. But given I'm not sure about characters, I haven't written it all up yet and don't know the cost yet. Also, I know there are 4 artillery pieces in there, it's just a concept list, it'll probably get reduced to 3ish.).

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    well you have to drop one of your current special choices if you upgrade your knights to inner circle as they now cost a special slot. Free company detachments are pretty fun to use btw. Otherwise just go with the standard
    General, BSB, 2 Mages or 1 mage and a priest
    3-5 large blocks of infantry (25) with detachments
    3-4 artillary pieces
    outriders or pistoliers
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    Their are a lot of different options... a lot of people like putting warrior priests with knights as they then get to re-roll those scary lance hits, plus its then possible to make them unbreakable as well (one of the most fantastic warrior priest spells).

    I would definitely try to keep a general or a character in each of those big block units as they will be your backbone and you don't want them running away at all! though if you plan to keep them close together in the game then proximity to a general should be ok.

    A favorite tactic of mine is to put a character (general perhaps) in a unit which you expect to get charged but give him the sword of sigismund...this little dandy allows you to go before those chargers and really take the edge off (its saved me a number of times...)

    Another fun tactic is to take a relatively lower level character (a lot of people us wizards, some like warrior priests) put them in a unit and give them van horstmans speculum.... they are then able to switch stats with an enemy character in a challenge, a nasty surprise!

    Grand Masters are probably the biggest bang for your buck in terms of stat-lines for a general however they really have to be with other knights which isnt always where you want your general

    Ive recently been experimenting with a captain on a pegasus which has had mixed results, he can be great for taking out those hard to reach war machine crews or skirmishers...but hes also very vulnerable...though i may have not yet learned to use him quite right

    Mixed feelings on griffon generals...terror is nice and they are powerful in combat...but they dont get an armor save and they take your general far from where his leadership will do the most good...probably best to save for really big game

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    I've found with empire characters that a little of everything works well.

    Take a wizard, mounted priest and a General.

    If you want, a BSB can be a great addition too.
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