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Thread: New Empire Army

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    New Empire Army

    I have played 40k for almost two years now. I like the set of rules but a little change of pace is needed. So I have decided to make a cavalry based empire army (I don't like the look of the Bretonian minatures). I know a few rules but am not adept at the game play as I have never played before. Could and experieced WFB played tell me if the is army is ok or if it needs tweaking (its a 500pt list). I favor shock assult tactics as they make fun games. All suggestions helpful.

    2 units of knights (5 men each with Full comand)
    Hellblaster Vollygun

    Any leftover points may be used on the following things:

    - 3rd unit of knights
    - Some handgunners for ranged support
    - Maybe replace the vollygun with some outriders and use a wizard (this is least likely)

    Thanks for your time.

    Proud commander of the Calamarian 81st
    'Hmmm..., I don't seem to have enough guns'

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    Wow, that is a small force. But well done on choosing an army in which all units complement each other. The HB shoots stuff, while the Knights charge in and finish off whoever.

    Just remember that 40K is a different game to WHFB.

    In 40k you can rely on shooting to be decisive, in fantasy you can't.
    In 40k you can expect good combat individuals to slaughter mobs of weak enemies.
    In fantasy you can expect it the other way around.. lone characters will never
    win a combat against an organized rank and file unit.

    In 40k facing means nothing. In fantasy, facing means everything.
    In 40k terror and fear mean little, in Fantasy, morale is a key battle winner.

    For any modifications, I'd say that the Engineer is very weak, and pick another hero, like a Captain on a Warhorse. Also, I'd take a block of infantry over the second unit. You can be safe in investing a lot of points into our State Troops units, because they're so effective, according to the Detachment system (unique to the Empire;Y).

    A Warrior Priest would be a better bet for your Knights though, if you have any spare points and insist on 2 units of Knights. They are so good as support characters.


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    If your going for a cavalry based force try and fit a couple of units of pistolliers in there- fast cavalry are great for blocking marches and protecting flanks- they are also missile armed which always helps

    A couple of galloper guns (from the Dogs of War list) may be fun additions as artillery to complement the speed of the army also

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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