When people think of empire you think of lots of guns, which isn't bad.... but I also like to visualize the well disciplined masters of hand to hand. There are two unit set-ups that I have come to favor.

First The Meat-Grinder; Take a unit of 25 swordsmen(5x5ranks) and two detachments of 10 halberdiers(5x2ranks). With this you wait for an enemt to charge, then clamp the detachments with the counter charge. I like the swordsmen best for the paren unit caus they're tough enough to bore the brunt of the enemy charge(Ws4 Sv4+) and I like halberdiers cause they're great at dealing out the clicks. With this formation you can just as easily use it offensively. but i like to keep the detachments a couple inches back from the front of the parent unit so the enemy doesn't get any ideas of charging them, but this can hinder you in making supporting charges.

My second fav The Helblaster on Foot; Just take a parent unit of handgunners with two detachments of and handgunners and just dare them to charge the parent unit (if it can make it to your lines)

two things i'd like to say is

A) Spearmen SUCK I hate them. if you charge only one rank can attack, if you get charged only one rank attacks cause the front rank is dead.

B) my first formation can win combat against anything. Orks, Chaos, Carnisoar, even Charging Brettonian Cavalry, With heroes....

Strength in Community, Strength in Discipline, Strength in Unity!