First game in a while for my Empire as part of my return to WHFB (as detailed elsewhere). The heretic to face the cold hard steel of the men of the Empire was our very own Binz.

Game 1 I'll keep a secret as that was the Prologue to my Fluff Comp entry, but the second game was what I was there for, in essence.

I prepared a cunning surprise for his Dragon Lord (Battle Wizard w/- Steed of Shadows, VHS and Sword of Justice), but as fate would have it I was up against Archaon* himself (typical, right when I'd dropped Karl Franz from the list too) and various units of Chaos Warriors, Marauders and a couple of clearly bullied-into-conscription DoW (Cannon and X-Bowmen). I used a crapload of State Troops, my Pistoliers (losing their "battle virginity"), some Knights and Kurt Helborg. My force was themed to magic defence (I've been knocked out of toooo many VWs) in rather an excessive amount.

Turn 1 he moved up everything, unsuspecting of the trap I had set for Archaon (rub hands together gleefully). I was able to draw out his Dispel Dice to cast Steed of Shadows on my Wizard Bomb, only to fail the Terror Test! (by one *begins to grumble*). It also saw a Mortar blow itself up (an old experience) and my Handgunners getting picked off by the longer-ranged archers. Turn 2 went a little better, my Giant seeing off some Flayerkin and the noble Sir Cumference leading a charge of Knights into the Chaos lines, earning back their points in one big unit (has the Steel Standard not been used, it would be slightly different). Archaon and his Swords of Chaos owned one big unit and that was about it. The DoW X-Bowmen got hit on the side Turn 4m which turned out to be the last, since I'm on my restricted license. As it is, that was quite handy, because it was a minor victory to me, and I think I would have lost if the game had gone for the full 6 turns.

Target practise on on the curriculum (same as the WEs), as my State Troops were clearly rusty on that fundamental skill. The MAP's (Mobile Artillery Platform- basically a Mortar) Crewmen will need a lesson in ballistics and not blowing themselves up first time they fire (my Dwarfs are clearly cursed- I should use some Empire crewman for it). My Knights will have to improve their strength if they're going to have any hope of facing those Chaos Warriors again, and the Militia will have to lay of the Energy Drinks before some side effect occurs.

Highlights were me passing several Terror tests when I could have had it go either way, but failing them in the one least convenient time, the Wizard hunting down Archaon with no success, the DoW Cannon firing 1" behind the Flaggies every time (Binz was real unlucky with the landing), the Knights rolling a 5 for their extended charge range (anything less and they were toast), the MAP blowing itself up Turn 1, the Militia and Swordsmen each holding off a unit and running them into the ground (I was expecting the opposite to happen), and the narrative the game saw. The game was a lot of fun, and Binz was a great opponent and I'll be looking forwards to continuing the campaign next week.

*OK, so it was Archaons Horde- that list will 9/10 feature him.

Well, that's all for now, thanks for bearing with me, and I promise I'll speak no more of future games in this way.