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Thread: killing demons

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    killing demons

    I have a game next week against a new demon player and im not quite sure what to expect, ive read the codex and it seems kinda broken.... the guy im playing against i think uses a pretty decent mix of demons rather than going with just one, but he does have a bloodthrister... any advice on how to kill em?

    Seems that a cannon would be a good investment, as would a hellblaster and a couple wizards and warrior priests but other than that, any advice or trickys tircks?

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    well if he has a preference for khorne then the obvious thing would be a small unit of pistoliers to redirect his charge towards a forest, building, or the side of another of his units, creating a nice roadblock.

    Personally i'd target tzeentch and slaanesh units first. Slaanesh because high speed, 2 attacks and always strike first is a bad thing for empire troops....really bad!
    Tzeentch because their units can cast magic for the most part (up to a ridiculous amount of dice a turn) and the flamers are deadly against T3 troops.

    Nurgle is annoying because of high toughness, so apart from greatswords, flanking them and running them down is probably your best bet

    As for magic, i highly suggest the lore of light. 3 of the 6 spells (1,5,6) are made specifically to fight undead/deamons. making your units immune to psychology is a good thing in my book. Plus d6 strength 6 hits or d6 strength 5 hits on everything within 12 inches cant be bad

    Overall, your best bet is probably swamping him. While shooting might whitle him down, those pesky ward saves mean that most will reach your lines.

    Oh, final thing. For dealing with greater deamons : Arch lector w/ AOMI, gw, and VHS. If you can stack Bears anger on him, so much better. War altar will help too (light magic)
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