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    2,250 Fluffy Knight-Themed Empire

    The title says it all.

    Lords & Heroes

    Templar Grandmaster - 235 pts
    Sword of Power, Shroud of Magnus

    Warrior Priest - 150 pts
    Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sigil of Sigmar, Hammer of Judgement

    Warrior Priest - 160 pts
    Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armor, Shield, The Silver Horn, Sword of Might

    Battle Wizard - 150 pts
    Lore of Heaven, Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Luckstone


    9 Knights of the Empire (w/ Silver Horn WP) - 277 pts
    Full Command, Banner of Arcane Warding

    9 Knights of the Empire (w/ Sigil WP) - 247 pts
    Full Command

    20 Swordsmen - 145
    Full Command

    20 Spearmen - 120
    Full Command

    12 Handgunners - 96

    12 Handgunners - 96


    9 Knights of the Empire (w/ Grand Master) - 274
    Full Command, Knights of the Inner Circle

    Great Cannon - 100

    Great Cannon - 100

    Great Cannon - 100

    Total - 2250

    My main attack force consists of the 27 knights + 3 mounted characters. They are well protected from mundane and magical attacks. Each group of knight forms a 5x2 unit with their character (I know they don't get rank bonuses).

    I like lore of heaven because it has several spells which only require LOS, not range. As a result, he'll probably be attached to a cannon crew.

    Everything else is self-explanatory.

    Edit - Oops. Posted in wrong area. Please transfer, oh great and powerful mods.

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