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    arch lector vs general

    I have generally been thinking of playing with a general of the empire as my army general (woot, the word genereal 3 times in a sentence... now 4!?)
    - but today i was a rather interesting comment from BuckeroO, and, if i may quote you BuckeroO, this was being said:

    I wonder what the point of this guy (the general) is. He's basically a captain with leadership 9. I'd switch to an Archlector for extra dispel dice, prayers and the same leadership. That's only if you want to be competative, otherwise keep your general.
    This made my wonder if i should play with such a guy instead? I've disliked him since i bought the army book, but suddenly I realize that he might as well be just as good as the general.
    I was taking the general for the Ld9 only, but this guy seems way more fun.

    Do you other people like fielding him, and do you ever field him without the war alter (i dont want to..) and what do you give him for magic items? Lastly, how do you use him? I've though of fielding him like this:

    Arch Lector – 252
    + Van Horstmann’s Speculum
    + The White Cloak
    + Dawn Armour
    + Barded Warhorse
    + Great Weapon
    That's a 2+ rerollable AS, a 5+ ward save(2+ against fire), and some aggressiveness in challenges.

    - There is no real model cool enough for a mounted arch lector, what do you use? Luthor Huss?


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    I generally use Arch Lector or Wizard Lord as my general. In case of Wizard Lord I try to add a BSB to decrease the disadvantage of lower Ld.
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    Well, the special gimmick of the empire general is his ability to allow one unit of state troops to take a magic banner.
    Unfortunately, the N°#1 item for it, the griffon banner, has been elevated to BSB-use only.

    So let's take a look of the other banners we can get now:

    Banner of Duty
    While it's cheap it's uses are limited. When you already had to flee you're in trouble anyways. Besides, if you flee due to breaking in close combat, the unit loses it's banner anyways, so wasted points all over. And the Imperial Banner, whilst rather expensive and bound to a BSB does the same (amongst a lot of other re-rollable ld tests)

    War Banner
    Static CR. Basically not bad, but it's a question if the other Lord Choices wouldn't have been better/more useful for the whole battle.

    Banner of Valor
    Immune to panic, well, well... Again, not too bad. But due to our detachment special rules, panic spreads are somewhat limited. And getting your main infantry block (25+ models) to panic due to enemy shooting or magic ain't that easy either. And also in this case, the Imperial Banner is still a viable alternative to reduce panic.

    Standard of arcane Warding
    Hmm... seeing how some of the new lore spells have unit-annihilating capabilities this might be a sensible choice, but that depends on your opponent and him targeting said unit (if he casts any spells which have to aim at a unit anyways). And empire troops are cheap enough to simply let him cast at some other nice stuff (unless you play a super-block of 40+ joined by general and BSB, then even our cheap infantry becomes a juicy target)
    But then again, while the two dispel dice the arch lector yields could only be used once per round they can be used regardless of the enemies spell targeting and against the really dangerous spells you'd initiate the magic defense by using dispel scrolls.

    So while all those banners have a use it's still questionable whether to use your lord choice for the general or not.
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