Against my friend's Wood Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Against my friend's Wood Elves

    Hey everyone,

    I'm dusting off a collection of old Empire models I've had lying around my house for ages, and am taking a break from 40k to learn what seems like a significantly more challenging game: WFB.

    One of my frequent 40k rivals has been playing Wood Elves for ages, and has over 2000 pts. We'll be playing 1000 pt games initially, moving up 1500 pt games as I develop my collection. At 1000 pts, he uses 2 units of Glade Guard archers, a unit of Dryads, Eternal Guard with a Noble, and either a unit of Waywatchers or Wardancers. He's got other models, too, but that is what I'd anticipate he'll take.

    I have the following models:

    24 Spearmen with full command
    15 Handgunners
    10 Crossbowmen
    10 Halberdiers
    8 Knights
    5 Outriders/Pistoliers
    Warrior Priest

    What would be effective units/combinations to take at 1000/1500 pts?

    I'd likely use the 24 Spearmen with a Captain in the unit, with a 10 man detachment of Halberdiers and a 10 man detachment of Handgunners. I know I will need at least another unit of 10 Crossbowmen to force him to close with me... but aside from that, what do you recommend? Would a level 2 Battle Wizard be a good thing to take? What about a Mortar? He skirmishes a lot of his army so I am unsure of that. Generally, I don't know what to take! I'm willing to buy models so let me know what you think and share your experiences fighting these shifty elves!

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    Well, my findings against WE with my limited experience. WPs are golden. Soulfire>Dryads. A Wizard with Fire Magic can also put some serious hurtin on them. A lovely unit of five knights makes you all but immune to their shooting, as you wont take many casualties. And this means you can close at will. And then engage forest spirits and giggle as you unleash soulfire.

    Handguns are wasted against wood elves. They have so little armour it's almost not worth it. And anything that does have armour you're better pointing a cannon at. Now, I'm no fan of the combat state troops, as for me, they're not survivable/mobile enough (I like my units to have one or the other) and as such I take Knights. But to each their own. Now, Pistoliers tend to be good against WE, but Hochland Long Rifles on BS5 Outrider Champions with a Warrior Priest using Hammer of Sigmar I've found is just brutal. As even their best characters are T3 and I've found they travel light on defense. A mortar can be nice if it lands in the centre of a skirmisher unit, but I like cannons for their big nasties.

    Anyway, woodies main weakness is they don't have much magical defense, and tend to die easily in combat (if they're elves) or be weak to magic and fire if they're a forest spirit. So take a Warrior Priest and a Level 2 Mage, then mostly whatever you feel, but I would include a unit of Outriders w/hochland and a unit of Knights. Just my opinion though.


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    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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