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    Moving from 1250 to 2250/2500

    So I've been playing a number of Fantasy games at 1250 with some Empire that I picked up a couple months ago that I finished putting together, painting, basing, and it's been working out pretty well thus far. What I'd like to ask is what additions/changes should be made to this list as I progress onwards to 2250/2500. I would like to make it clear though that this list wasn't created with the tournament mindset in place, but rather as a themed army for an upcoming Fantasy campaign, the theme being a Free Company army. Some elements can be considered 'counts as' of course as the points progression steps upwards.

    List is currently as follows:

    Captain of the Empire
    -Sword of Sigismund
    -Heavy Armor

    Battle Wizard (Lore of Fire)
    -Lvl 2
    -2xDispel Scroll

    Warrior Priest
    -Holy Relic

    -Detachment 10xFree Company
    -Detachment 10xSpearmen

    Free Company
    -20xFree Company

    -Detachment 5xHandgunners



    Knightly Order
    -Banner of Daemonslaying


    Helblaster Volley Gun

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    The Banner of Daemon slayer is an expensive item for a unit of only 5 knights, plus you're better of using it in a larger unit to make better use of its rule. If they are a flanking shock attack vs skirmishers etc I would probably use Steel standard (saves points and makes them more effective)

    Might consider spending a handful of points saved on detachment for freecompany (support charge by some halberdiers?)

    The Large halberdiers is decent enough but spearmen in detachment have never worked well with me, better off having a large spearman unit with freecompany/halberdiers/handgunners dets.

    With magic I tend toward all or nothing, (make him work those free dispel dice!) either a few wizards and Warrior Priest OR Captains and W.P. if you need the dispel scroll just make him level 1, or swap for warrior priest

    Others may have different opinions though!
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