Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone has a desire to see a modelled version of a characyter they have read in Short story or novel.

I personally would like to see Witch Hunter Matthias Thulmann with his henchman Streng.

Would have base stats of Warrior Priest, but WS 5.
Pistol and sword, Heavy armour.
Special Rules
Witchhunter, not a Priest: Immune to fear caused by Undead and daemons, counts terror as fear against these opponents. Loses Healing Hand prayer.
Common Man: Can only join Infantry Core units.

Stats of Swordman Champion
Light armour, two hand weapons, Crossbow
Special Rules
I'll just check out round the back: If Matthias and Streng are engaged against only one model, Streng may attempt to make only one attack with +1 to hit, killing blow.

Other could be Florin and Lorenzo (not sure which army-probably as Dogs of War) or Reiner and Blackhearts as a skirmisher band -Schaeffers last chancers anyone?)