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    Hochland: hindered development

    Lately I've been struggling with my Empire Hochland army largely due to my Sisters of Battle needing attention before the supposed upcoming =][= codex.
    I'm going for a infantry based army (no stank, no knights, may consider outriders but that would be with the expansion). Blocks of state troops supported by handgunner units with hochland rifles obviously. A cannon for good measure and monster slaying. Currently it's:
    20 swordsmen
    10 handgunners w hochland
    10 handgunners w hochland
    wizard - amber

    Including for 1000 points(prior to 1500/2000 expansion)
    20 Greatswords
    Detachments of free company, archers for both swordsmen and greatswords(though I might change the free company for something else. Currently it stands at 5 fc and 5 a a unit. Is this okay?)

    Is this what you would expect in a Hochland army? What should the detachments become instead of free company? Are archers okay as a detachment? Are detachments okay at 5 men?

    If you think of anything else please feel free to include it. Cheers!

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    Fluffwise, in an army of Hochland I'd expect to see lots of hunters and missile weapons. The Hochland Longrifle is named after weapons used by the hunters of that realm, so I would assume that Hochland is rather reknowned for their marksmanship.

    Your list seems fine at low points.

    As for detachments- in small games, 5 is acceptible. If you don't plan on your detachment standing on the line, 5 is ok in bigger games too. However, if you are going to have your troops in the thick of it, 5 won't work. Not even for handgunners. 5 archers isn't bad, I prefer to see nice big units since they skirmish though. For your CC detachments, 5 is too small. You need to have enough men there to pack a bit of a punch even after casualties, and you need to keep their US above 5 so that they can negate ranks. I would go for 10 of whatever close-combat you need.

    Now, as for the detachment to use, it depends on your enemy.
    Spears are right out. Never, ever, use spears in a detachment. You just don't have enough to make it worthwhile, and they lack armor, with no bonus at all to their abilities. The only time to use spears is if you can get 15+ of them. Which is pointless.

    Free Co. are alright against low-stat horde armies. They're amazing against Goblins, Undead, and basic Skaven because they have tons of attacks coming off the first rank. Unfortunately, they don't have a scrap of armor, so the enemy is going to hit them with everything he can and try to score easy CR.

    Halberdiers are the opposite of FreeCo. They are good for high toughness or high save enemies. Your parent unit just holds it's ground and gives these boys enough CR to make up for their losses, and lets the halberds do the dirty work.

    Swordsmen- they're pricy, but they're the best detachment avaible, especially for other swordsmen. The reason being, is that they have the best save off the starting block. They'll hold up longer (not much) under missile fire and magic than the others will, and in combat, they have the same saves as your parent unit. They've got elevated stats to make up for their less effective choice of weapons, but they work well against enemies where you're only concerned about negating ranks. Mid-level opponents really hate them too, if you can have them striking the enemy on 3's. That's a little more rare though.

    On final notes: HLRs are only really useful on your Outriders, thanks to their better BS and ability to be put where they're needed. Your Handgunners are just there to blaze away at incoming threats.
    Also, don't rule out cavalry just yet- we have some decend mounted forces, and you'll want them to help negate the effect of enemy fast cavalry slipping your flanks. If the 8th ed. rumors are true, and 2+sv cavalry won't be able to march, our Pistoliers and Outriders are going to double in value. They pack enough punch to see off any enemy light cavalry, and they will be twice as maneuverable than enemy armored targets (who hate pistols just as much as anyone else).
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    All I have to add to CS's summation is that if points are tight, you can usually get away with cutting your melee detachments to 8...

    Oh...and I'm planning one detachment that will violate the no-spears rule. I'm planning on one of the detachments for my BSB-escorting greatswords to be a marching band...with drums, two kinds of horns, and a fife. With one more space available in the front rank, I'm thinking drum major...but failing that, there will just be two drums. Why spears? They'll be over the shoulders of the musicians with pennants and streamers and stuff hanging off of them...it'll be quite festive! I could probably do it with halberds, except that the spear tips look like the finial on a flagstaff anyway, and the greatswords don't need any help, other than the stripping of the enemy rank bonus, so I'm not really giving up much WAACness for a little fluff.
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