I got creamed. Of course I was playing with only my completely finished models, which made for some completely worthless units... But it was also my first game with the army, and so there were a lot of lessons to be learned.



heroes: he had some kinda fighty guy with dual hand weapons and a l2 nurgle sorc with two kinds of familiars.

5 chaos knights
20 chaos warriors
5 spear chucking mounted marauders
20 marauders with flails


Heroes: two priests and a bsb with sword of sigismund


20x halberdiers
20x swordsmen
10x greatswords
10x swordsmen
10x handgunners

okay, with more models ready for primetime, I would g
have dumped the bsb for 10 more swordsmen for the unit of 10 and 5 more greatswords. C'est la vie.

The game. He got first turn. General advance. My turn 1, the cannon overshoots the most beautiful flank shot on chaos knights you ever saw. The handgunners fail to wound. Every melée unit except the small swordsmen advances to clear line of sight ( started everything on a huge hill.

Turn two, the knights overrun the greatswords (with priest and bsb) into the handgunners by a margin of half a model. The warriors come up 1/2" short on charging the large swordsmen, and the spear chuckers move up to cover their flank. On my half, I double-charge the aforementioned units, running off the marauders and striking first to actually kill a warrior. Trying to cannon-snipe the sorceror, I miss long by 1". The game devolved from there, with him tabling me in five. Of my four cannon shots, three went ever so slightly long and on buried itself (no bounce) 2" in front of the knights.
His man of the match was actually the sorceror. The knights killed a lot more, but that's expected. The sorc magic missiled the 10x swords off the board and killed 11 halberdiers before they tangled with the flails. My hero was the priest in the 20x swords. He got off a unbreakable on them that my opponent forgot to dispel on his turn, allowing the unit to thumb it's nose when a double-charge from knights and warriors (with the fighty hero) killed all but three models...prolonging my misery one turn and giving the cannon one more chance to snipe at the sorceror.


minimum unit size, even at 1k, is 20 for state troops.

Priests are awesome, mainly for hatred.

Bring two cannons if you bring any. One will overshoot or bury a ball short.

It's easy to roll a 5 on 3DD!

Throwing more heroes into a unit is no substitute for more ranks. Unless the second one is a sheltering Mage, keep it to one.

Oh, I also saw the store copy of 8 for 5 minutes... Great hopes for state troops armies!

Lessons? Mnimum