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    Thinking of Some More Proxies

    Well, it seems that my engineer's army has been shot down. Luckily, I was wise enough to hold off for 8th edition before buying so many metal Vostroyans. The army would have really looked quite amazing, but $350 for the whole kit just to get an illegal 2000pt army was just outrageous.
    So... I've been pondering something new. The Perry Twins have a collection of several good 28mm sculpts that they produce on the side of their GW work. While they have everything from Agincourt to the American Civil War, I'm looking at the Samurai line of models.

    They've done a great job rendering everything in a very accurate style- even the limited black powder of the times.

    So now the question time:
    How do I represent each of the main regiments of the army? I'm thinking-

    Samurai on foot, w/ Swords = Swordsmen
    Samurai on foot, w/ Naginata = Greatswordsmen (Naginata)
    Ashigaru, w/ Arqubues= Hangunners
    Ashigaru, w/ Bows = Bowmen
    Armed Peasants
    = Free Co.
    Ashigaru, w/ Yari = Spearmen
    Naval Saker and Crew = Artillery Crews
    Various command/characters = Lords and Heroes

    Now, here's where we run into trouble:
    Mounted Samurai w/ Swords
    = ??
    Mounted Samurai w/ Yari = ??

    I don't feel right running them as simple Empire Knights, because they are neither barded, nor heavily armored. I was thinking of Kislevite allies, but let's face it: they're terrible and they might not even be legal anymore. The ones mounted with Yari can be given Naginata to look more like lances, and the swords can be used for great weapons.
    I'm also thinking of using Helstorms crewed by the Japanese gunners- I know that the Japanese didn't have rocketry, but this is WHFB, and I'm allowed to be a little inaccurate!

    Thoughts on this? I'm not worried about it being GW legal, although I'd like it to be easy for the opponent to understand what I'm fielding.

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    I like the idea and I'm not sure anything empire related can fit with the mounted samurai however. If you would really like to do a thematic samurai army have you considered using the high elves rule set?

    Samurai on foot, w/ Swords = Swordsmasters
    Samurai on foot, w/ Naginata = White Lions
    Ashigaru, w/ Arqubues= count as archers
    Ashigaru, w/ Bows = archers
    Armed Peasants = don't use them
    Ashigaru, w/ Yari = Spearmen
    Naval Saker and Crew = Artillery Crews
    Various command/characters = Lords and Heroes

    Now, here's where we run into trouble:
    Mounted Samurai w/ Swords =
    Mounted Samurai w/ Yari =

    Ellyrian Reavers are unbarded fast cav with light armor and spears. or you could silver helms with out shields.

    This list would work better with the legends that surround samurai in america, as people tend to think of samurai as ultimate masters of their blades (i.e. sword masters)
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    I have to disagree. I personally like the idea of having the samurai army count as empire. I think the models fit better with empire units, and I prefer the idea that Cathayans and Nipponese are human, not fey creatures. If it was an army of ninjas, I could perhaps see the merit of going for higher intiative and lower toughness, but for samurai, I think Empire works just fine.
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