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    Terrain placement and deployment

    I am trying to step up my game in this area. My army generally looks like two solid blocks of infantry in the middle, a unit of knights on one flank, a unit of outriders on the other, 2 cannons, and 2 rocket batteries. I'm going to start using my Lv4 on a Pegasus and a Pegasus Captain. Sometimes I use a Steam Tank, and I might try a build for fun with the Lv4 and a General on Griffon.
    Does anyone have any tatics they want to share when it comes to Terrain Placement and Deployment??

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    There are no hard and fast rules, except that when placing terrain, ensure that you place it in such a way that you aren't screwed and the enemy isn't auto-win regardless of who gets what side of the board. Beyond that, perhaps look to place terrain where you can later use it to help cover a weak flank later, consider where you want wide open spaces to maneuver the knights, where do you want firelanes, and so on. The challenge is to ensure that you have these things on both sides of the board, without making a perfectly symetrical board, which is boring and lazy!

    As for deployment...I can only say that you should put the shooters out early, or else you'll get to the end and find that you've blocked their firelanes with melee units and they're left staring at the back side of a barn!
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